Лучшие сериалы лета 2013Лучшие сериалы лета 2013
In the summer we have less time to spend watching television, still this way of pastime is more suitable for autumn and winter. But TV series now become so interesting and exciting that collect at the screens as Housewives and modern youth. Portal WANT gathered for you, moviegoers, the best TV series of the summer season 2013. Get ready, it will be hot!
Diaries Carrie
Director: Miguel Артета
Main actors: Anna Sophia Robb
How did the story of the main character on the hit series Sex and the city? The series will show the school years the famous journalist from Manhattan, about her first encounters with the opposite sex and the very first days in new York. Young Carrie already actively are interested in fashion, questions about sex, chooses bright clothes, and of course, fabulous shoes. Fans of the heroine Carrie Bradshaw series will love!

Director: Ron Lagomarsino
Main actors: Alyssa Milano, Jess Macallan Рошелль Эйтс Шаннин Sossamon Corina Мессиа
The series can be called English answer on Sex and the city. In the center of the plot are four women, each of which is in very complex and intricate ways. Here you can find lots of witty jokes, facts about female friendship and relationships with men.

Director: Timothy Басфилд
Main cast: Jake T. Austin Sierra Ramirez Bianca A. Santos Мэдисен Biti
Produce a series acted as a popular singer Jennifer Lopez. The series will show a rather unusual large family, which grow native children and adoptive, and different nationalities. And bring up all ребятню two moms, who share a romantic relationship. Naturally, such order of things causing a lot of problems in the family, sometimes funny, sometimes serious. But the whole family all good friends, and in a difficult moment ready to help each other.

Ray Donovan
Director: Allen Кутлер
Main cast: Liev Schreiber, John Voight, Devon Bagby William Stanford Davis Catherine Менниг
The protagonist of the series deals with the fact that fixes the problems of personal and criminal nature of the rich and famous people of Los Angeles. Establishing the lives of others, his own fate changed abruptly when his father unexpectedly released from prison.

In the flesh
Director: Johnny Campbell
Main actors: Luke Newberry Emily Bevan Harriet Keynes Steve Cooper
After four years of the epidemic, which drew all the people into zombies, the government conducts a massive rehabilitation and tries to get them back into society. Among them is the main character, teen Keren, who returned to his native city, faced with hostility and his own demons.

Low winter sun
Director: Stephen Schwartz
Main actors: mark strong, Heather Fairbanks penny Marie Hawkins Billy / Lasch James Рэнсон
The story begins with the fact that the criminal is the murder of a policeman friend detective. This will be followed by a chain of events that will forever change the life of a murderer.
Orange is the new black
Director: Andrew McCarthy
Main actors: Taylor Schilling Jason Biggs Michel Hurst Kate Mulgrew
The basis of the series is taken plot of the book Orange is the new black: my life in prison, the author Piper Kerman. Despite that all the action is in prison, the thing came in the Comedy genre. The main character to appear behind the bars of her boyfriend, who was involved in drug trafficking. Girl manage to gain the respect and love among the prisoners of women’s penal colony.


Director: Henrik Георгссон

Main actors: Diane Kruger, Sofia Helin Kim Бодния Doug Малмберг Pak Шарбау
Intricate crime story, in which a murderer showed good ingenuity. On the very middle of the bridge Орезунд linking Sweden сДанией on a small period of time off electricity. When the light appears again, on the border suddenly dropped the corpse of a woman’s head facing to Sweden, feet to Denmark. Whose police will lead the investigation into the murder – is still unknown.

Director: James Strong
Main actors: Olivia Colman David Tennant jodie Whittaker Andrew Бачан
A police officer, came back from vacation to find that a promotion, she had reckoned upon got a detective inspector with the reputation of a loser. Warring investigators must disclose the crime, each in his own way.

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