Эпиляция зоны бикини в домашних условияхЭпиляция зоны бикини в домашних условиях
In the summer hair removal is very relevant, indeed, on the beach, you should feel confident, and not to worry about the extra hairs and irritation. In this article we will talk about the benefits of hair removal and how to properly do this procedure.
Hair removal is now much in demand, because she has one practical advantage of the skin remains smooth up to 3 weeks. While after the machine or cream for waxing, this effect lasts for a maximum of five days. One more important fact – epilation is available not only in a beauty salon, but also at home.
Hairs after epilation become soft, do not inject and do not cause unpleasant feelings. With each session their number on the body becomes less, and after a year of constant эпиляций, they become more like fluff.
Also, the procedure removes unwanted hair, but exfoliates the skin very smooth and velvet.
How to make a hair removal on your own?
Wax difficult material, and only a skilled craftsman can competently deal with them. To use it at home, besides hot, requires dexterity. Note that in the remote places correctly and painlessly this procedure will become very difficult. Waxing is better and much safer to do in the cabin or in the good master, which makes it a house that will cost you much cheaper.
Another option sugar depilation. This method is more delicate and is quite suitable to domestic conditions. Try making epilation one simple recipe: 1 Cup sugar melt in the vessel. When he starts to brown, add a few drops of lemon juice. Let sugar to cool slightly, then roll the ball and lightly, spend them on the problematic areas against the hair growth. After slightly сомните it and start processing the next area of the skin. If caramel hardened, add a little warm water.
Can apply wax strips for epilation, which are sold in many shops. Following the instructions on the package, get rid of unwanted hair. However, judging by the reviews on the forums, this way not everyone likes. Bandwidth is not pulling out absolutely all hairs, and therefore remains have to remove yourself a pair of tweezers.
There is also depilatory creams. This removal method can be called the most gentle and painless. Just apply on clean skin cream evenly distribute it. After 10 minutes (the exact time look in the instructions) carefully remove the means of special spatula that comes with the cream. It’s worth taking into account that after the cream – депилятора hair again began to grow with 4-5 day.
What is the best time for hair removal?
Experts recommend taking the procedure 3-5 days after menstruation sensitivity to pain in this period minimum. Painful hair removal will be 3-4 days before the start of menstruation and ovulation.
How to properly prepare for the procedure?
A week before epilation need to shave off the hair on problem areas. The necessary length of the procedure 5 mm. Before procedure, take a shower and do not use any creams and lotions.
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