Яркая компания: в Москве прошел девичник Avon

Cosmetics company Avon arranged a wonderful evening for the winners of the contest «МегаЭффект» and held an event «Bachelorette Avon» company with the best stylists and photographers.

Guests joined actress Anastasia Denisova, поделившаяся impressions about the shooting in the TV series «Деффчонки», Maria Semkina and Anna Gorshkova. In a cozy friendly atmosphere actress revealed the secrets of care and talked on the emotional themes of men and women for «имаджинариумом» and Lotto. Meanwhile, the official Avon makeup artist Pavel Kulikov and invited stylist hairstyles created participants of the original images.

Анна Горшкова на «Девичнике Avon» Anna Gorshkova on «the bachelorette party Avon»

Анастасия Денисова и Мария Семкина на «Девичнике Avon» Anastasia Denisova and Maria Semkina on «the bachelorette party Avon»

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