Соберись, тряпка, мы едем в отпуск! 20 вещей для Него, которые нужно положить в чемодан

Unlike men, women are better versed in the issues of collection of suitcases before leaving on a journey: we know how to correctly pick up his things for the rest, using the principle of the capsule wardrobe for travel on the sea, will know what is right swimsuit for our figure (in fact us out always at least two or three), and, most importantly, have already decided where everything is put in a suitcase and a spacious beach bag.

Men spend on the process of collecting yourself on a journey far less effort and creativity, folding the necessary clothing, footwear and accessories on the principle of «if you forget, there’ll buy». And if women can be a problem called «nowhere to put»the man happens incident opposite sense: in the suitcase has nothing to put on, but two t-shirts, some of flip flops and a couple of shorts.

At this point the wireless connection of women’s creative mind is necessary. From the list of menswear for travel immediately exclude Hawaiian shirts and melting-gulls, if they accidentally found themselves in his suitcase (with complete list of male антитрендов you can meet in our not devoid of humor material on the topic why do men so bad dress) and add two pairs of shorts for swimming, a light shirt and a jacket with long sleeves, at least three pairs of shoes (flip flops for the beach, sneakers – for excursions, espadrilles – Smoking hotel), and late check the availability of sunglasses, headgear from the sun and convenient road handbag or backpack, which will all this accommodate.

Брэдли Купер так хорош, что, подбирая пляжные шорты для МЧ, невольно ориентируешься именно на него Bradley Cooper is so good that, picking up the beach shorts for PM, involuntarily focused on it Настоящего мужчину, как Владимира Кличко, яркие пляжные шорты только украшают A real man as Vladimir Klitschko, bright beach shorts only decorate

Если вы считаете себя не хуже Наоми, то вашему Доронину вполне можно позволить себе пляжные шорты с забавным принтом If you consider yourself not worse Naomi, your Doronin it can afford to beach shorts with a funny print Гевин Росдейл и Гвен Стефани подбирают пляжную одежу с акцентом на пресс, при этом умело скрывая все остальные участки тела Gavin Rosedale and Gwen Stefani picked beach cloth with emphasis on the press, in this skillfully hiding the other parts of the body

Тело Дэвида Бекхэма хотя бы раз да снилось нам ночами, но даже он не может себе позволить плавки-чайки The body of David Beckham at least once Yes we dreamed at night, but even he cannot afford melting-gulls Леонардо Дикаприо бережно заботится о том, чтобы солнышко не припекло головку, подстрахуйте и вы своего МЧ Leonardo DiCaprio carefully ensures that the sun won’t slammed down on the head, подстрахуйте and you PM

Если у вашего мужчины такой же пресс, как у Мэттью Макконахи, то рано или поздно вам придется купить ему доску для серфа – так, просто для красоты If your man the same press as Matthew McConaughey, then sooner or later you will have to buy him the Board of surf – just for beauty Золотое правило: не позволяйте своему МЧ играть в «капусту» на пляже, надевая рубашку на футболку по примеру Эштона Катчера The Golden rule: do not let your PM to play the «cabbage» on the beach wearing a shirt for a t-shirt for example, Ashton Kutcher

And how can you help your young people prepare to leave? Just give advice or collect them suitcase? Share in the comments!

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