Бизнес-книги 2013: издания для лидеровБизнес-книги 2013: издания для лидеров
The publishing house Mann, Ivanov and Ferber publishes a series of gift books with the biographies of the outstanding people. Now the series have come out of the biography of the American founding father Benjamin Franklin, Manager столетияДжека Welch, the father of the U.S. automobile industry Henry Ford and the first in the history of the Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yu.

Benjamin Franklin. Biography, Walter Isaacson (publishing house Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, 2013, 360 UAH)

Name between Walter Isaacson is well known to our readers. Former Director of the TV company CNN, the chief editor of Time magazine, author of the biography of albert Einstein, Henry Kissinger, large American politicians, is best known as the author of the international bestseller Steve jobs. The Russian biography of Steve jobs publishes AST, on the Ukrainian publishing house bright boxes. This year was transferred biography of Benjamin Franklin, which is published in America, ten years ago. The history of life and the formation of the personality of one of the founding fathers. Although Franklin depicted on стодолларовой bill, he was never President. His signature is on all the historical documents, which formed the basis for the formation of an independent American state: the U.S. Declaration of independence, the U.S. Constitution and the Versailles peace Treaty of 1783. Biography written with the use of personal notes and letters Franklin, memoirs of the contemporaries. A man of unique abilities and diligence, diplomat, scientist, publisher, inventor, a Mason, the first foreigner who has become a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. One of the authors of the great seal of the United States, the inventor of the rocking chair, the author of the first maps of the Gulf stream. The inventor of a lightning rod and bifocals, he put forward the idea of cryonics and electric motor, called the electrical charges of the + and -, explained the principle of action of the Leyden jar, invented the small-sized furnace for the house.
Here are a few cruise statements Franklin:

A large Empire, like a big cake, easiest объедается with edges.
Marriage without love is fraught love without marriage.
In this world are inevitable only death and taxes.
Want to know disadvantages girls, praise her in front of her friends.
If you want to get rid of the guest, докучающего their visits, and let him borrow money.
Easier to suppress my first desire than to satisfy all the following ones.
Master find excuses is seldom master something.
One transfer is three fires.
Experience is the school where lessons are expensive, but it is the only school in which you can learn.
Spend less than you earn, here’s to you and the philosopher’s stone.

Jack Welch. History Manager, Jack Welch (publishing house Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, 2013, 360 UAH)
Legendary Director General Electric, which he led for 20 years. Welch called the most stringent boss in the world. And then Fortune magazine awarded him the title of Manager of the century. Under his leadership, the company took the second place in capitalization in the world. Jack Welch writes about the creation of a Corporation of a world level, the causes of UPS and downs, leadership and corporate governance, the laws of life and the patterns of business, globalization, six sigmas, SEO work. Its history is called a guide for managers who seek for the highest goals. His management methods have influenced the practice of management. The book is translated into 15 languages. In the first year sales of its worldwide circulation of over 1 million copies.
From the author: This book is not the ultimate truth and not a tutorial on management, and the presentation of the philosophical ideas that helped me overcome this path. They are fairly simple, and most important of them honesty. I always believed in the power of simple solutions. In this book, I tried to show that you can learn a lot, and remaining open to new ideas. I have also learned that from the mistakes you can extract not less lessons from your success. This book is not about me, about what had been achieved thousands of smart, self-confident GE employees who taught each other to reset the shackles of the old world and a new way to combine the production, service and technology.

My life, my achievements, Henry Ford (publishing house Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, 2013, 360 UAH)

In 1911 Henry Ford changed the world. He went down in history as the inventor of the pipeline, one of the most honest millionaires, the greatest entrepreneur of the XX century and an outstanding Manager. His ideas and production techniques are introduced on thousands of businesses. Reduced working hours, minimum wage, five-day working week also methods of Henry Ford. He was wrong, pleaded, lost, lost condition and started at first but he pulled America out of the great depression and became a symbol of the most powerful economy. Brilliant story thin, clever strategist, innovator and thinker. Since the first exit My life, my achievements sustained over a hundred reprints, and now for the first time published in Russian in full translation. Success story reasoning about cleanliness and business ethics, that there is no glory to сколотит state, nor a penny not enriching humanity can become a Desk book of the entrepreneur, the source of self-esteem and the basis of personal philosophy.
A few quotes on different topics:
Thrift is a favourite means of half-dead people… the People that their savings nothing require preach them as a virtue. But there’s more pathetic than the troubled man who is in the best and most beautiful days of my life clings to a couple of pieces of hard metal?

The main aim of capital is not to get as much money as possible, and to ensure that money led to a better life.

Once we have for so many people love to disembarrass of their needs, why not trying this need completely destroy? Feeding is much harder to make the handout to unnecessary.

Fear creates a habit to failure. It is deeply ingrained in the people — They shout out and throw the case. They don’t even have a chance to endure a real failure, they are not able to distinguish good from evil.

A lot more people who surrendered than losers. Not that they lacked the knowledge, money, intelligence or desires. Rough, simple, primitive insistence that’s uncrowned Queen will.

The destruction of fear gives you the confidence and abundance.

The human being is a human being. And rich and poor, you need the same amount of food to be fed, and the same amount of clothing to keep warm.

In the world there are two kinds of fools. One millionaire who thinks, accumulating money, somehow he gathers the real power, the second beggar reformer who believes that, taking money from one class and passing them on to another, can heal all the suffering in the world.

From the third world to the first. History of Singapore (19652000), Lee Kuan yew (publishing house Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, 2013, 360 UAH)

When tiny Singapore in 1965 was granted independence, no one believed that he would survive. Less than forty years, the former colony of the British Empire has turned into a prosperous capital of the Asian region with the world’s best airport, the largest airline, a key trading port, placed fourth in the world in terms of per capita income. Singapore miracle in brilliantly written autobiography of former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yu. He restores history, analyzes the main strategic decisions, writes about how from year to year directed the complex relations of the United States, China, and Taiwan, as for the leaders of these States and a confidant, and a messenger, and the expert. How was created by the army, the fight against corruption and communism, forged relations with other countries. Over time, this book is gaining popularity. Annotation publisher: From the third world in the first written by one of the most prominent politicians of the second half of the twentieth century. This person for a short time turned the tiny city-island without natural resources in the subject of admiration of the first persons of many world powers.

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