Тростниковый загар: особенности и ценыТростниковый загар: особенности и цены
A nice, smooth and long-lasting tan – an essential attribute of summer. However, the lack of time to visit the beach, features color type of the skin, reluctant to undergo active solar influence and other reasons do not allow many people to get a tan.
In addition, a lot is said and written about the negative impact of sunlight on the body. Tan on the sun dangerous burns, allergies, and the appearance of age spots, dehydration, skin and body, appearance of wrinkles and premature aging. Ultraviolet able to disrupt the cell’s DNA, and many cancers arise from the negative influence of the sun’s rays. Tan in the Solarium also fraught with various kinds of complications.
However, there is an exit and modern technologies allow to get a smooth and quality tan, without resorting to hazardous radiation exposure of the skin. A cane tan, which is also referred to as Hollywood is a chance to get a nice Golden brown skin all those who are contraindicated stay out of the sun in the Solarium. Cane, a tan is a godsend for people with sensitive and very fair skin that almost never tans, for pregnant and lactating mothers, whom the sun’s effect on the body it is desirable to constrain.
Cane or DHA-tan – it is a consistent and uniform application to the skin бронзирующего lotion with content дигидроксиацетона (DHA) – white powder, which is obtained by way of extraction of sugar cane. DHA is safe for your skin, because it is considered a nutritional Supplement and the coloring substance. In addition, lotion with the content of DHA does not penetrate deeply and gets into the blood, and valid only on the surface of the skin, in its corneal layer, causing darkening.
Content % DHA in the lotion varies, and the higher it is, the darker the shade of the terrace. In formula lotion also added bronzer, influencing the shade that will get your skin immediately after the procedure cane terrace. There are also colorless lotions without multi-hued, bronzing. However, using them, you can see the tan after only 12 hours.
The procedure of the application terrace produces an experienced cosmetologist with the help of special equipment. A thin even layer on the skin sprayed бронзирующий lotion, and skin gets a tan. He goes smoothly, without stains and strips looks beautiful, natural and natural.

A big plus of the procedure is that because coloring makes an expert, you can visually adjust shape is to highlight the advantages and hide defects. On average, the procedure lasts 30 minutes, manifested shade through 1-6 hours, and lasts 5-10 days, correction and maintenance of tint on your wishes.
Objective pluses of cane terrace – does not cause allergic reactions and burns, no contraindications, does not provoke the appearance of tumors on the skin, suitable for any type and color, visually models and adjusts to the contours of the body has a natural tan effect shall not constitute spots and stains, you can change the tone and intensity terrace, sugar cane pigment does not stain clothes, and the color goes through the natural skin renewal.
To obtain a spectacular cane terrace need a preparatory stage before the procedure. Without it you can’t feel all the advantages of this unique method of the Transfiguration of your body.
Before the procedure, it is important to make a qualitative peeling of face and body. Not recommended for use during moisturizing or nourishing products, because the skin should be thoroughly degreased. After peeling not apply skin care products, makeup, deodorant and perfume. No extra texture – only clear skin! It is desirable to wear loose, dark clothes, remove absolutely all the decorations for nails, hands, feet, elbows and knees cream. After spraying a lotion 5-10 minutes not touch the skin, but wait for the full drying.
To consolidate the success and effect after the procedure you can do the following rules. For developing and fixing shade must leave the lotion on 6 hours, and try to avoid any contact with the water, exercise any activity that forms the sweat on your body, use a hairdresser, cosmetologist’s services, manicure done and педикюр.Нельзя immediately apply cosmetics and any skin care products. After 6-8 hours, depending on the type of damage lotion, you can gently wash the skin remains of multi-hued, bronzing warm water without the use of scourers and detergents containing acid or alkali components. Contraindicated peelings, depilation, any aggressive action on the skin, as well as sauna, steam bath, swimming pool. To shade remained smooth and beautiful it is important to moisturize the skin 2-3 times a day.
The cost of cane tanning salons in Kiev ranges from 200 to 500 UAH. and depends on the location of the salon, the cost of cosmetics, which is used during terrace, as well as additional procedures that may be offered to you after the main spray lotion on the skin.
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