Карибский пират или Джеймс Бонд? Новый аромат James Bond 007 Ocean Royale

Dreaming of adventures, discoveries and the boundless ocean? The new fragrance James Bond 007 Ocean Royale is created for those who live with these thoughts!

In the basis of the Ocean Royale – water chords, as if he immerses its owner in the cool of the Caribbean sea and enchants notes of lime, bergamot, anise seed. In the heart teak, cedar and guaiac wood. Trio eloquently supplemented sandal, Tonka beans and grains Jamaican coffee. It makes you feel aroma of infinite power. Sweet notes of orris emphasize uncompromising courageous character of James bond.

Aroma is located in a bottle of classic design with ribbed surface, is made in a cold blue, symbolizing the depths of the sea and energy. Stylish element – поворачивающаяся lid hiding the sprinklers, – very much in the spirit bond.

Estimated cost – 1050-1850 rubles (depending on the volume of the bottle).

Estimated cost shaving – 971 rubles

The estimated cost of gel – RUB 498

Deodorants (spray/stick) – RUB 498

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