Случайный секс провоцирует депрессии

Casual sex makes us more restless and depressed. This is the conclusion reached by researchers from the University of California.

American scientists have conducted the largest study in this area and found that sexual relations between people, acquaintance with which lasts less than a week, significantly increase in the organisms of young people, the level of anxiety, social pressure and depression.

The study involved 3 900 heterosexual students. 11% of the participants (mostly men) admitted that over the last month had casual sex. Both men and women, prefer casual sex, equally demonstrated greater depression after the intimate connections.

Previously, scientists have found that sex with a stranger women perceive much more traumatic than men, and this is likely due to double standards, in which men’s betrayal is estimated in society much more gently than the female. But in this study, no gender differences in the level of depression and anxiety after casual sex were found.

Problems of psychological properties after casual sex understood is a consequence of the violation of social norms. And that’s what makes people be solved on such short novels? Scientists have not been able to find an exact answer, but believe the cause of accidental sex can be existing human psychological problems.

Source: medikforum.ru

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