Сверяйтесь со звездами: гороскоп на июль-2013

Check with the stars: horoscope for July-2013

Coco Chanel said: «a Woman who does not use cosmetics, too high an opinion of themselves.» Be a high opinion of yourself is certainly fine, but you must agree that without a couple of beauty stuff not do, especially when it is summer and so desperately want we kissed and kissed a lot, and everywhere! In honor of this we have made for you a selection of beautiful craftsmen, and at the same time funds from their collections-2013, by which be high opinion about himself becomes much easier! Love yourself and read what have prepared for you the stars in this July!

Aries: become by the beautiful… wish to change the image! 

(March 21 – April 20)

Relax – don’t work. Aries, in July you will take a trip that you go along with friends and relatives. Journey together will bring together two generations and will help you all understand each other better. And you will still active shopping – you will probably see in the directory or on the fashion show some outfit «not your style» and want to completely change the closet.

In cases in the works, problems… At work, you are waiting for a temporary respite. Or you go on vacation, or on a holiday leave for your leadership. In General, you will be able to breathe more freely and do their business. And you have to buy something from the technology. The reason for this would be either «unauthorized» breakdown, or a continuation of your commitment to update their image.

All in the Amur. If you are bored with free life, in July you will easily answer consent to the marriage proposal, which promise you the stars, and may even immediately urgently play wedding. If you have not found your soul mate, you will have a chance to find love on celebrating someone’s birthday or any other festive event.

Clean feathers. Most use to you will bring beauty treatments made at home, and not in the cabin.

All in chocolate: 1, 7, 9, 28 July.

Quieter ride – continue: 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26 July.

On the photo: the Cult artist modernity Bobby brown, founder of the eponymous brand; Gloss lip Sheer Cheek Color Tint from Bobbi Brown, summer 2013

Taurus: beautiful becoming thanks… responsiveness! 

(April 21 – may 20)

Relax – don’t work. Taureans, in July at leisure, you have to help the relatives. However, this pastime bring you not just the trouble, how much pleasure and opportunity to be with those whom you usually not enough time. And you expect some kind of trip, from which you bring a lot of Souvenirs and new hobby.

In cases in the works, problems… At work, you are waiting for a strong communication with foreigners. And it is possible that you will have to provide them with entertainment. And you have to smooth the conflict between colleagues. In addition, there are financial or legal checks, so keep documentation in perfect order.

All in the Amur. If you have already found your soul mate, it is likely that your beloved приревнует you to someone of business partners. And if you have looked for, in July, don’t miss the friendly parties and the meeting of graduates – this is where you can wait for a fatal love.

Clean feathers. Use the power of herbs. Better if you насобираете them yourself, насушите and will apply broths as a tonic for face and rinse hair.

All in chocolate: 3, 12 July.

Quieter ride – continue: 9, 16, 23 July.

On the photo: Аэрин Lauder, the granddaughter of the famous Estee Lauder, creative Director Estee Lauder and founder of the brand name itself; Cream from the beach Aerin, summer 2013

Gemini: beautiful becoming thanks… success! 

(may 21 – June 21)

Relax – don’t work. Twins in July, you will play the role of a caring and sincere lady. There are numerous visits from friends and relatives. And all have to feed, entertain conversation, and maybe someone and comfort. However should not be invited into the house of someone you don’t know, and those with whom you regularly конфликтуете…

In cases in the works, problems… At work everything is absolutely okay. You are waiting for achievements, victories, bonuses and cheapest. You show their best qualities, but because fortune is on your side. However, you may be offered a place which they had promised to someone else. But you will discover this «injustice»?

All in the Amur. If you are a «give freedom» and Flirty look in search of a worthy candidate in the beloved, the love can knock you in the form of an old friend or companion, with whom you were sitting at one Desk. But married «twins» are in for interesting news. For example, about the impending motherhood.

Clean feathers. Take care of your hair. You are recommended nutrient masks. In addition, most of подравнивайте tips and get a soft gentle comb.

All in chocolate: 3, 5, 6, 31 July.

Quieter ride – continue: 4, 11, 25 July.

On the photo: the Founder of the brand Sonia Rykiel Sonia Rykiel, successfully реализовывающая itself as the fashion and beauty-Olympus; Reticulation eyeshadow Perfect Eyeshadow Palette from Sonia Rykiel, summer 2013

Cancer: become beautiful… thanks rich pleasantness of life! 

(June 22 – July 22)

Relax – don’t work. Crabs in a July awaits you more than the rich life. Events will replace each other at the speed of light – the main thing is to keep up on all react adequately and keep floating in the hands of the possibilities. Surrounding will not let you get bored, and attractive offers will come in a mode non-stop.

In cases in the works, problems… At work, you also will find a lot of pleasant impressions. There are likely a short business trip, which will have to talk a lot, and your comments will bring you popularity or profit. And you successfully complete the project, which began last month. However, try in July not to be late for the service…

All in the Amur. In love, you expect a choice: you will see a few candidates, each of which will be for their good. And you have to decide whom of these men you would like to get closer. And it is possible that you are in this situation go against his nature and prefer not someone good and quiet, and someone fun, loud and extreme.

Clean feathers. If there is no possibility to go to sea, wait out the heat in the spa-center and order seaweed wraps.

All in chocolate: 4, 7, 15, 18, 25 July.

Quieter ride – continue: 9, 13, 23, 27 July.

Photo: Queen beauty industry XX century Estee Lauder, has created a brand that «modestly» named in honor of himself to his beloved; Mascara Sumptuous Extreme Waterproof from Estee Lauder, summer 2013

Leo: beautiful becoming thanks… love! 

(July 23 – August 22)

Relax – don’t work. The lions, in July of your time will depend on your good will. Friends and acquaintances are vying to become offer you different options and short-term, and long entertainment, and you will only have to choose the one that meets your immediate desires and long-term work plans. And you will still get carried away with some new hobby, and it would absolutely not in your nature.

In cases in the works, problems… The work will require you perseverance and patience. You have to face with someone’s conservatism, so hurriedly solve any service problems or perform some task will not work: you can make a few time something changed. And even your corporate lion’s roar will not help here. Humble yourself, man, that you третирует, very quickly lose its influence.

All in the Amur. Love in July will be for you an outlet, even if you only have you «play», туманя head lover in you the gentleman. It is OK that you do not answer him, but get distracted from work everyday and well enjoy yourself. And if you have already allowed someone in your heart, you are the man, waiting for a delightful, though likely not a very long journey.

Clean feathers. Take care of the skin from exposure to direct sunlight. In addition, you are recommended mask for the face and body on the basis of dairy products.

All in chocolate: 9, 10, 11 July.

Quieter ride – continue: 6, 13, 20, 27 July.

On the photo: Coco Chanel – lady, which, of course, does not need advertising; nail Polish Le Vernis from Chanel, summer 2013

Virgo: beautiful becoming thanks… stylists! 

(August 23 – September 22)

Relax – don’t work. Virgin, in July you will devote leisure time to the satisfaction of their desires. Moreover, you will be prepared to pay a significant amount. Most likely someone will you have to take care stylist, beautician, make-up artist or other craftsmen created specifically to make women happy.

In cases in the works, problems… But in the service of the possible conflict. Someone from the leadership could recklessly decide that you are so passionate about your job that you are willing to work for free and Yes even on weekends. However, the chef, this will not work – you quickly show, «how much is a pound of trouble, rolling a huge scandal. But do not go too far…

In addition, in July you have something to teach the beginner.

All in the Amur. If you already have her beloved, you have to look for new points of contact. Something will change in you or in your attitude to your man, and this must be something to do. But if you still walk at large, look at the man, who has long been on you «licks lips».

Clean feathers. More often get out of town. Recommended for you on long walks in the forest. This will return you peace of mind.

All in chocolate: 3, 10, 13, 24 July.

Quieter ride – continue: 11, 19, 26 July.

On the photo: a Person who believes that the fashion and beauty – the inheritance of the elite: Tom Ford; Blush Illuminating Cheek Blush from Tom Ford, summer 2013

Scales: become beautiful… thanks sudden change of plans! 

(September 23 – October 22)

Relax – don’t work. Scales, in July you have a lot of time to devote to the family. However, you prefer to enjoy with relatives something fun and useful. But the trip of your dream, would be unlikely. However, it’s for the best, because you would not be brought back from this trip is nothing but disappointment. So enjoy the change of your plans, and immediately begin to conceive a new adventure – that’s it just proves to be very successful.

In cases in the works, problems… The work of Affairs will have to work hard and for himself and one of his colleagues. By the way, it is quite likely that the release of these rights confuse you card. But the salary you receive for two, so «game, it’s well worth the candle». Most importantly, follow someone else’s responsibility as their own and do not leave them on then – then you and prize shines.

All in the Amur. The stars promise you a passionate romance. And it is possible that it will happen with the man you once already tried to «play in love». If your with him parting more than three years, then there is a good chance that this time everything will be much more successful. But if you are in love and happy, then everything will remain.

Clean feathers. You are encouraged to «kitchen» cosmetology, that is, the mask of the «live» products: in a bowl, and the person (vegetables, fruits, dairy products). Most importantly, focus on your skin type.

All in chocolate: 6, 12, 15, 27 July.

Quieter ride – continue: July 23.

On the photo: American designer Donna Karan – specializes in clothing, but to maintain the image periodically produces under the brand name perfumes DKNY; Limited edition fragrance Golden Delicious by DKNY spring-2013

Scorpio: become by the beautiful… amazing novels! 

(October 23 – November 21)

Relax – don’t work. Scorpions, in July for some reason you all offers entertainment will perceive a hostile reception. Perhaps you will have some secret classes that will absorb all your leisure and you don’t want to talk to others. However, from your voluntary seclusion you distract relatives will require you to their «grazed».

In cases in the works, problems… The work is a mess. The authorities regularly will give you conflicting job, so you have to twist to the boss, not make it, and the common cause no harm. Moreover you will find a confrontation with the new employee (worker). Most likely, you will not like this man, and you decide to show him where the «Scorpions winter».

All in the Amur. But Cupid you favors. The stars promise you a delightful novel. The main thing – do not forbid yourself to love and not close from new relations. Even if at the beginning of any malovrazumitelnye difficulties, then everything goes just fine.

Clean feathers. Experiment with essential oils. Choose a fragrance that you tones, and put a couple of drops in the shower gel. This will add vigor to your spirit and body.

All in chocolate: 9, July 17.

Quieter ride – continue: 1, 12, 15, 19, 22, 26, 29 July.

On the photo: Creator The Body Shop Anna Roddick; BB-cream «Vitamin E» from The Body Shop

Sagittarius: beautiful becoming thanks… fantasies! 

(November 22 – December 21)

Relax – don’t work. Archers, in July rest have less than you’d like. However, even in the rare hours of leisure activities you organize your time, that is all around suffocate from envy. You will be «not weak» for a couple of days to fly to the sea or go on some sort of festival – hitchhiking, with a small backpack over his shoulders. In General, you hit fantasy routine and adequately respond working life.

In cases in the works, problems… But the work will not have time to even talk about his exploits. You, of course, выкрутитесь, but it must do something. But in the heat so lazy…

All in the Amur. In matters of love – dead end. Rather, output-that is, but he’s just so not like it, you choose to ignore it. Although only should be just apologise… But if you are on a free «grazing», it is unlikely to want to change it, so select several or non-committal relationships and hopefully enjoy their freedom of affection.

Clean feathers. Buy sexy dress-dress, preferably yellow. This still will lure you love, and at the same time and luck.

All in chocolate: 4, 18, 19 July.

Quieter ride – continue: 10, 17 July 31.

On the photo: Gianni Versace, who made the Medusa symbol of his fashion house, which periodically appear and perfumes, under the leadership of Донателлы Versace; Fragrance Vanitas by Versace, version 2013

Capricorn: beautiful become by the… of wisdom! 

(December 22 – January 19)

Relax – don’t work. Capricorns, in July you will have to change their habits. It is not excluded, that you choose the kind of activity which had only seen scary dreams and all my friends said that «for any price» does not do. Moreover you will find active shopping, during which you will gain does not objects ladies ‘ room…

In cases in the works, problems… At work, you simply go into the shadows. And not because you decide to leave your career aspirations, but because others to provide well-deserved cones (and you, too deserved). Just you have the wisdom not to climb the authorities under the hot hand and wait for the chef will replace anger. Then you appear – «all in white». Maybe not very honest, but effective.

All in the Amur. By the way, in the Affairs of the heart you too can depart from their principles, and back to a man, which vowed to «hate the rest of your life». But if you have firmly married, your spouse will have to put up with drastic changes in your addictions. And – or to comply with, or obediently waiting for you at home.

Clean feathers. The time has come to choose a mascot. Find your (feelings) stone. Its impact positively impact on life, and on appearance.

All in chocolate: 20, 21 July.

Quieter ride – continue: 1, 4, 11, 15, 18, 22, 25, 29 July.

On the photo: Christina Fitzgerald – the lady, who is caring, on behalf of the brand Christina Fitzgerald that our manicure has always been the mark; a Set of paints from Christina Fitzgerald, summer 2013

Aquarius: beautiful becoming thanks… immodesty! 

(January 20 – February 18)

Relax – don’t work. Aquarians, in July you have to drastically change their holiday plans. It is possible that you forgot to put them known to the boss or someone from the family, and at the last moment it appears that you can’t nowhere to go. Want to avoid this? Then just fix in advance of your desires and ideas even with those who, as you think, at this stage, nothing depends on it.

In cases in the works, problems… At work often remind the boss about their past services, then he hesitate to insert a spoke in the wheel. And still you expect any special success. What matters is that your exploits the greatest possible number of witnesses, then you Shine and the prize, and even may increase. Having dealt with the critical situation you find yourself in the next step of the career or social ladder.

All in the Amur. In love you are waiting for the confrontation. Most likely, you decide to someone to prove something or for something to take revenge. However, if a man is stronger, you will have to surrender to the winner’s mercy». So if «surrender» is not in your plans, it is better to leave it as is.

Clean feathers. Go with tea and coffee, fruit and vegetable juices – it will give you strength. And if you want to tan went smoother, prefer морковному juice with cream.

All in chocolate: 13, 20, 23, 24, 27 July.

Quieter ride – continue: 7, 14, 21 July.

On the photo: the Legend fashion Christian Dior, under the brand name which is produced today is not only clothes, but also cosmetics; Powder Diorskin Nude Tan Light from Dior, summer 2013 

Fish: beautiful become due wit…! 

(February 19 – March 20)

Relax – don’t work. Fish, in July you will have an easy and pleasant rest in the company of people who understand you perfectly. There are likely a trip somewhere, or you will arrive friend (friend), or a relative from out of town. With this man you will visit a lot of new places, get a lot of positive emotions, and at the same time and get a pair of fashionable things.

In cases in the works, problems… At work in a difficult situation you have to find a compromise with the authorities or with colleagues. Rather, it’s your naive opponents will think that you have made concessions, you just обернете points in his favour and get all this is quite obvious benefit. And you do have to do some household chores that you long, but unsuccessfully tried to pass on to the shoulders Rodney.

All in the Amur. In love you are waiting for the abrupt change. If you are a «плещетесь in the lonely waters», the encounter with the «fish» bigger (on the social level or dimension) will make you dream of spawning. In short, you’ll fall and will build on this person matrimonial plans. And if you already have a pair, then it is likely that you охладеете to her man.

Clean feathers. It is time to change her hairstyle. Depart from the usual way, and then look at the surrounding you with fresh eyes. In addition, you will provoke positive change.

All in chocolate: 11, 12, 25, 26 July.

Quieter ride – continue: 10, 17, 24, 31 July.

On the photo: Perfumer Serzh Lutes, the creation of which equals even recognized geniuses aromatic art as Kilian Hennessy; Fragrance Sarrasins from Serge Lutens, spring-summer 2013

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