Комплекс отличницы: мешает или помогает?Комплекс отличницы: мешает или помогает?
This is the fourth article in the series As a woman to overcome complexes and gain confidence in themselves? and in it we consider the basic techniques that will allow you to deal with the manipulations of others.
You already tried to work with your subconscious on the issue of the increase of confidence in his own strength. In addition, the overcoat Marshal Zhukov also must give its effect.
To pronounce the installation of self-worth and significance. Lack of them may occur if your childhood never praised. All that you did, could be perceived as self-evident. You do not even praised for five. A good mark could cause a public scandal. One of these girls and grow typical workaholic.
Girls are constantly use. Since school: Let me copy, finishing the work: are on duty on Saturday. Girl with a complex отличницы, the typical workhorse. You’re pulling the strap and you worked long hours to the detriment of their own health and your own personal life. Familiar?
How not to yield to others ‘ influence?
There will install about self-worth:
– I must respect because I’m a man
– I have the abilities that I can show
– I can bring joy to ourselves and others
– I never forget that deserves respect
– What would have happened in my life, this can cause of my emotions
Jot down these ideas on a sheet of paper and repeat them at every opportunity.
And remember: you decided to change. And it will not work if by magic.
Internet resources: Complex отличницы: preventing or helping?

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