Создано пальто из волос, срезанных с мужской груди (ФОТО, ВИДЕО)

British fashion designers made a coat of hair, cut with the male breast. Strange garment was released by Wing-co in the advertising campaign for promotion of the new chocolate milk drink for half of mankind, writes the Daily Mail.

Many media reported that provide the link between dairy delicacy and “hairy” coat is quite difficult. Designers themselves say about the alarming trend: the British have become less masculine and, in particular, began to shave vegetation on your body for the sake of the vagaries of fashion.

From the point of view of the authors coat, men should abandon the foolish prejudices and be proud of the appearance nature gave them. However, the posters depicted in the coat манекенщик with absolutely bare chest.


The manufacturing attire required about 200 hours and more than a million strands. Price of the exclusive coat is 2499 pounds. How many models were sewed and how to acquire them, not specified.

It is worth noting, coat of hair – not the first strange piece of clothing created by designers lately. Recently, the Network has spread the image of Chinese “hairy” leggings, which should help the girls to frighten potential abusers. However, leggings hair was drawn.

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