Созданы шорты и спальник, способные заряжать телефонСозданы шорты и спальник, способные заряжать телефон
The British company of cellular communication Vodafone surprise unusual inventions of all lovers, to be connected in different parts of the planet and under any circumstances.
Together with scientists from Southampton University, the company figured out how to protect clients from discharging the battery at the most inopportune moment.
Vodafone has provided a very unusual chargers for mobile phones. One of them resembles a normal tourist sleeping bag, and the other shorts.

Vodafone is well aware that its revenues directly depend on how often clients are mobile. It is obvious that the device with the shrunken battery difficult to use, and therefore every effort must be made to phones were always connected.
Both new inventions are designed for people who lead an active life, traveling, run, walk, dance, are found in places where sometimes charge is simply impossible.
Recharge Sleeping Bag it’s a sleeping bag, which converts the heat of the human body into electricity, which is enough for charging a mobile phone. You go to bed, connecting cell to this unit. In the morning you will find the battery charged.

The creators of this novelty estimated that eight hours of such charging enabled mobile operate twenty-four minutes of talk time and a few hours of waiting. Many will say that it’s not very much, but better than nothing.

Energy shorts from Vodafone will convert kinetic energy into electrical energy. If any active movements of the legs, and when running or dance, this original item of clothing will produce electricity, which can charge mobile phone.

Vodafone has no plans to establish mass production described above chargers. However, sleeping bags Recharge Sleeping Bag she was going to pass out free temporary use of music lovers who are going to festivals, which are often held in England.

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