Создана первая эротическая игра для виртуальных очков (ВИДЕО 18+)

In the beginning of next year in the sale should do Oculus Rift — “virtual reality glasses”, more reminiscent of a helmet (top photo). Recently it became known that almost finished and the first erotic game for them — Wicked Paradise.

The game’s developers claim that tried to create not a trivial three-dimensional pornography, and the game with a dramatic story and rich characters, transmits Slon.ru.

“Implicit sex scenes <…> much sexy traditional games for adults, – said the founder of the Wicked Paradise Ерун van den Bosch in the interview to the Road to VR. – <…> I have always been impressed by the fact that there are hundreds of beautiful shooters (games-“shooters” — approx. MixNews) but no one decent erotic game. By itself, attempts were, but almost all were ridiculously unsuccessful. There were some unreal model, which moved as rusty robots”.

If you are 18, you can see how, according to Bosch, should look decent erotic game.

Wicked Paradise will be issued in separate series. And if at first the game will focus exclusively on heterosexual men, then eventually added support for different genders and sexual orientations. Recognition Bosch, he has already received many positive comments from people with disabilities who would like to use this game diversify your sexual life.

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