Созданы первые музыкальные презервативы Get Lucky

The participants of the electronic Duo Daft Punk decided that once they have created one indispensable component of this summer – the single Get Lucky, it is not a sin will continue and run the same series of condoms.

Directly in the development and production of products started the Durex – one of the most popular manufacturers of condoms in the world. Until that buy a couple packs of “luck” in drugstores it is impossible: Durex distributes condoms DJs and supplies them to summer music festivals.


Popular American DJ Diplo already tested the novelty. In инстаграме musician photograph appeared empty packs Get Lucky and signature: “Glory to God, that last night I had with him condoms from Daft Punk”. We hope that the companion of the musician, too, was satisfied with the new product.

Source: wonderzine.com

Photo: PantherMedia/Scanpix, Dropbox

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