Отрезала пенис? В тюрьму!

According to the investigation, in July 2011, Catherine Kew, quarrelled with her husband, slipped sleeping in his dinner, and then tied him to the bed by his hands and feet. After the man woke Kew cut off his penis with a knife. Cut off the body of the woman put her in the device for crushing installed on your kitchen sink. After that, she called an ambulance for her husband.

At the moment of committing the crime, the couple were in the process of divorce: a man condemned filed for divorce two months before.

29 April Кэтирн Kew was found guilty

torture and mutilation under aggravating circumstances.

Her lawyers argued that woman suffering from mental disorders, including depression. In turn, her ex-husband, who is not named, said that he lost an important part of their identity. «She shook my faith in the good. She betrayed my faith in people,» said the man about his ex-wife.

In 1993 in Virginia occurred a similar situation. Then Lorena Боббитт (Lorena Bobbitt) cut with a knife penis her husband John Wayne Боббита (John Wayne Bobbitt)while he slept. After that, the woman left home, on the way throwing a body in the car window. Cut off penis was later found and sutured into place.

Лорену Боббит fell short of recognizing it irresponsible. According to her, the husband treated her with cruelty. Later, in 2002, John Wayne Боббит was accused of domestic violence towards another woman.

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