Дочь Джексона отправят в школу для

The daughter of a famous musician Michael Jackson Paris sent to a boarding school for troubled youth to protect them from the Internet.

Close to the Jackson family source said that relatives intend to put Paris Jackson in specialized boarding school for troubled Teens. According to the source, 15-year-old girl will send in спецучреждение immediately after she finished the course of treatment at the California Institute.

Such a decision, the girl’s mother Дэбби Rowe and her grandmother Katherine Jackson came after Paris tried to cut his veins, after learning that her brother may have different biological fathers.

Presumably, Paris will be at the orphanage until she fails to completely defeat the long depression.

Using the orphanage close intend to protect the daughter of Michael Jackson from the negative influence of social networks and the press, which, according to the relatives, have a devastating effect on the psyche of Paris.


“Paris is now very bad. We are afraid that she might try to commit suicide again, read on Twitter and other social networks shocking details about the death of her father and negative comments in his address,” – the source said. “Girl perceives all this very much to heart and worries. The second time we may not have time to save her.”

Relatives decided to send in Paris boarding Diamond Ranch Academy. The institution is a school-boarding school for troubled adolescents aged 12 to 18 years and is located in the city hurricane, Utah. There’s a girl can escape from the dark thoughts and to find mutual understanding among children with similar problems, consider relatives.

Formerly known actor mark Lester, who played a major role in оскароносном film “Oliver!”, said that the biological father of the daughter of Mike Jackson and intends to seek custody of her. The actor is ready to undergo examination of DNA, however, do this only with the consent of Paris.


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