Дэвид Бекхэм показал необычное фото жены (ФОТО)

Designer Victoria Beckham is known for her slim figure and… scowl. A former member of the group Spise Girls don’t really loves to smile in public, arguing that “fashion stole her smile”. However, Victoria still can be fun. Corker published this on his Facebook page, her husband, footballer David Beckham.


Photo from the microblog David Beckham.

“I told you she smiles”, – David signed a screenshot which shows his wife. It is worth noting that Victoria gave her a smile not to reporters at a gala event and beloved wife in “home”. By the way, now famous couple in China. David makes a promotional tour across the country as Ambassador of the Chinese football.

Earlier in the interview to the us magazine Glamour Victoria Beckham told why so rarely smiles. “I stopped to smile when trapped in the world of fashion industry. Fashion stole my smile! I created a such way… I am not saying that the man in see on fashion shows or in pictures paparazzi, not me, but all the same in the family, with close, I’m different. In public I don “protective armor”, – noted Victoria.

Source: 7days.ru

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