День св. Петра и Февронии: традиции праздника влюбленныхДень св. Петра и Февронии: традиции праздника влюбленных
The marital Union of Peter and Fevronia considered a model of Christian marriage, and the couple itself the canonized saints of the Orthodox Church in 1547
Researchers are still not established that the historical personality hidden under those names. Some identify Peter and Febronia with the famous Murom Prince David Yurevich, who ruled the city with 1205-1228, and his wife Евфросиньей. Prince David at the end of his reign, took monastic vows with the name of Peter. About its spouse virtually unknown.
Some facts
In Kiev in Nikolo-Jordanian temple (Frunze Ul. 47A) is the icon of St. Peter and Fevronia. As Febronia healed the Prince of leprosy, and the pair is patrons of family happiness, the saints can ask for help in the treatment of skin diseases and ask them about successful marriage, pairing and well-being in the family.
In Russia, for example, the day of saints Peter and Fevronia recently began to oppose Valentine’s day. And since 8 July 2008 a national holiday, the Day of family, love and faithfulness, for the promotion of which many cities have built monuments of saints Peter and Fevronia.
During the reign of Ivan the terrible life of the couple was made whole narrative, which processed and recorded a talented writer of his time yermolai Прегрешный. He created an amazing legend, full of interesting folk Proverbs and sayings. Here is a brief summary.
Acquaintance Prince Peter and the maiden Fevronia
Once the family of Prince Paul, who rules Муромом, disaster happened to his wife started to fly devilish serpent. Kill volunteered his younger brother of Prince Peter. During the fight prostate snakes sprinkled Peter poisonous blood, and his body was covered with scabs and sores.
No one could cure the young Prince. Somehow Peter dreamed that name healer can maiden Febronia, who lives in Ryazan earth. Beautiful and pious Febronia was unusual girl obeyed her wild animals, she knew the properties of the herbs, she knew how to treat ailments.
Having arrived to her, the Prince promised Fevronia for the name of the healer wealth and gifts. The girl took him to heal itself, but on condition that would become his wife, and if not, it is useless to treat you. Peter promised to marry, but to pretend that the pride of the princely family prevented him to agree to such a marriage. Having cured prescription Febronia, he went to Moore.
Soon, the disease came back to the Prince, and he again went to the girl for healing. She was not angry at him, put the same condition for his recovery. This time Peter kept his word.

The Board in Murom
After the death of his elder brother Peter becomes the ruler of Murom. But the boyars disliked the young Princess-peasant girl. At first they resent her Prince checks his wife, but none of the rumors are not confirmed, and then, подговоренные their wives, put forward by Peter ultimatum: either the Prince changes his wife, or leave Moore. ‘t want to be parted from his beloved wife, Peter refuses from power. The couple leave the city, deciding to live like common people, rejoicing that they live together and believing in support of the God.
After their departure in Murom began killing and contentions each of the boyars wanted to take a vacant throne. But there were also those who made a wise decision to return the reign of Prince Peter. At the request of the boyars Peter Февронией returned to his hometown again starts right to rule Муромом.
The last days
Advanced in years Peter and Fevronia took monastic tonsure with the names David and evfrosiniya. They prayed and asked God to die one day and asked to put his body together, pre-cook the tomb of a single stone with a thin partition wall. They all died in one day and hour 25 June (new style 8 July) 1228 year.
They saw the wicked buried in the same tomb monks and violated their Testament, but on the morning of the body spouses were together in harvested their tomb. Twice carried their bodies other churches and twice they miraculously been side by side. They will not be disturbed.
Now the power of the Holy Nobleborn Prince Peter and Princess Febronia are in the Trinity Cathedral of Holy Trinity women’s monastery in the city of Murom, Vladimir region.
Fairy tale lies, Yes it hint
In the opinion of literary critics, in the story ermolaj merged two fabulous plot: about the fiery serpent and the wise virgin, and the last is able to make a wise riddles and without fuss solves the difficulties of life. She didn’t mind enemies and do not insult their open precept, and uses the иносказанию heard that, its opponents themselves realize their mistakes.
Here, for example, one of her deeds. Traveling on the Oka with the Prince in different boats, Fevronia noticed one of the men, which on the shore waiting for the wife, looking at her with lust. She asked him to draw water from the river on one side of the ship and drink it, and then with another. After inquired: ” Well, what? Is the same whether water or any sweeter than the other? Same – answered the man. And feminine nature equally, ” said his Fevronia. Why did you, your wife leaving you think about the other?.
Fevronia as if it was known that Prince Peter destined to be her, and she him. Together with him she goes through many trials. But the Prince, choosing his wife простолюдинку, acquires a faithful life companion, which does not condemn him when he was cheating on her or checks, trusting gossip boyars, and does not waive the husband during his exile. In any situation Fevronia allows Petru make that choice, he may deem fit. Itself keeps warmth and love to my husband and the people that surround her, regardless of their actions.
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