Определен максимальный срок интереса к сексу у влюбленных

In love couples sexual tension of losing its force in a year after the beginning of the novel, as the researchers found. And after this time, people’s assessment of the private life of the “carpet”.

About 40% of couples, preserving relations for more than 4 years, have sex a few times a month. But of those who live together 15 years, as many as 15% indulge studies love only several times a year. Meanwhile, his initial pressure of the sexual life loses a year later, as revealed in a survey of 2,000 people, commissioned by the British company Lloydspharmacy Online Doctor.

40% of survey participants (and they all were in stable relationships) described their sexual life not too fun epithets like “nothing” and “come”, and “could be better”. 76% said they would try to improve this most important sphere of life.

At the question about what exactly you can make a sex life “sharper”, 33% of respondents named lubrication, 24% — sexy underwear, and as many as mentioned joint viewing of porn films. And for as much as 17% limit fantasies limited to the idea of “turn off the light”. Also about 30 per cent said that they had already had certain problems with arousal.

Experts note that for many Britons today the excuse “I’m not in the mood”, allowing to abstain from sex, does not mean fatigue or the effects of stress. Quite possibly, this reluctance has medical reasons, because every 10th British suffering from erectile dysfunction, but very few seek professional help.

Source: medikforum.ru

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