Определен самый дешевый способ похудеть

Studies show that women who drink water instead of sugary drinks, not only are much less likely to develop diabetes, but also better protected from kidney stones. In addition, they slimmer.

Scientists experimentally verified that ordinary water can help you lose weight. The latest study showed that women who increased their consumption of water during a diet, lose more pounds than those who drank it in a small amount. Women who drank less than one liter of water per day, obviously lost in losing weight and were not so impressed with the results of their diet.

Commenting on the work of colleagues, Professor of Technological University of Virginia in the USA Brand Davy agreed that the use of usual water is available and probably the cheapest way to become slimmer. Moisture suppresses hunger and reduce calorie intake.

Many techniques which are effective against extra pounds are quite expensive and not everyone can afford. But if you just regularly drink before eating two cups of water, you can quickly lost at least five pounds of excess weight. Try it for yourself. According to specialists, the effect compared with those who did not drink water before eating, very noticeable.

Source: medikforum.ru

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