Вкусный чай с этим растением заменит лекарство для сердцаScientists came to the conclusion that tea with bergamot has a positive effect on the heart and reduces the risk of cardiac diseases, according to Zenn News.

According to experts, if every day to consume this drink, it is possible to control the development of heart disease and lower cholesterol. The fact is that a natural extract of bergamot reduces the level of harmful cholesterol, healthier heart and blood vessels.

In addition, the extract gives the tea a delicate aroma and taste, fills it with enzymes hydroski-methylglutaryl-flavones.These enzymes break down proteins, responsible for cardiac pathology.

It is reported that consumption of this drink is almost as effective as the use of statin drugs, traditional medicines against high cholesterol. In this case, essence of bergamot, unlike statins, no side effects. Previously, scientists have proven the usefulness of tea in prevention of prostate cancer.

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In addition bergamot exhibits the following properties:

– Antiviral, bactericidal, disinfectant properties, which are effective in the treatment of diseases associated with infection and inflammation; Manifests with tonic and antipyretic properties, which are needed in the treatment of influenza; – to Positively affect brain activity, is a natural antidepressant, exerts an invigorating effect. – Normalizes sleep; – Bergamot is an aphrodisiac, so it increases the libido, and improves the condition of the reproductive system;- Increases the production of breast milk; – normalizes the level of blood cholesterol, and blood pressure;- improves digestive system, improves the secretion of glands, increases appetite, helps with flatulence, indigestion, colic; – Has healing and regenerating effect;- anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties used to cleanse the skin, removing inflammation from the sweat and sebaceous glands; Strengthens and nourishes the hair.


To understand how the bergamot such properties can, if you carefully study its composition:

Fatty saturated and unsaturated acid. – Vitamins: vitamin group b, as well as nicotinic acid and ascorbic acid, beta-carotene, vitamin E. Salts: magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, copper, selenium, calcium, phosphorus and manganese. – The essential oil contains a very useful substance: bergapten, lenilson, limonene, geraniol, camphene, nerol, linalyl acetate, and others.

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The bergamot is a dietary product, because it contains only 36 kcal per one hundred grams of fruit.

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