Дизайнеры создали пальто из волос с груди

Subject outerwear was developed in the framework of the advertising campaign of the new milk-chocolate drink for men.

According to the designers, the coat should encourage Britons becoming more masculine. They stated that modern men’s fashion is becoming less and less masculine, and men succumb to these influences, and the refuse from its natural beauty for the sake of fashion.

Special indignation designers caused a trend to shave his chest. According to them, men must give this up and

be proud of their appearance without any unnecessary interventions.

As noted in the Metro, in the advertising photo session dedicated to the release coat, participated man with no hair on his chest.

Coat of hair was not the only similar thing to appear on the market. So, recently, the Network got the image hairy leggings, created in China for girls who are afraid of sexual assault.

Not so long ago this novelty has tested an employee of the newspaper The Sun. Most of those who saw her in these leggings, called the idea very strange.

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