Диана Крюгер появилась в промокампании Chanel BeautyДиана Крюгер появилась в промокампании Chanel Beauty
Just a couple of months ago Chanel officially announced Diana Kruger face of a new cosmetic line. The results of the collaboration were not long in coming.
Refined, graceful and gentle Diane Kruger became the main heroine of the new promotional campaign Chanel, which is dedicated to the exit collection crash, the resynchronizing Collection. The line consists of three skincare. Novelties will be pleased with their textures, flavours, and the special luxury which distinguishes all the products that go under the name of the legendary brand.
In the collection of the crash, the resynchronizing Collection includes creams Le Jour de Chanel, La Nuit de Chanel and Le Weekend de Chanel. Purpose and main function of each of the products to restore skin elasticity, restore its protective functions, to give a bright view, improve the complexion.
Diana, with its natural and natural beauty not difficult to become a perfect embodiment of the actions of these products on the female skin. Himself Karl Lagerfeld has repeatedly stressed that Diana has a unique, fresh and distinctive beauty. It’s like outside of time and fashion trends for any kind of image.
Let’s remind, that it not the first experience of cooperation of Diana with Chanel. In 1996 she was aroma Allure, and in 2007 took part in the advertising campaign of the line of bags Paris-Biarritz.
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