Обнаружен новый вид женского оргазма

Recently in the Netherlands, the doctor asked a woman who was faced with a strange phenomenon, reminiscent of orgasm. All the matter is that sexual feelings began in the region… the foot, and then rapidly passed in the vaginal area.

Experts from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands put forward his theory of relativity, this phenomenon. They made magnetic resonance imaging of the brain and the feet of this woman, however, found no deviations. Although another study revealed some differences between location of nerve endings left and right legs. Stimulation of the left leg by an electric current provoked a spontaneous orgasm. To end this phenomenon woman prescribed painkillers that were injected into the spinal nerve. The researchers suggested that a similar orgasm is a result confusion in the body.

The fact that a woman is faced with serious disease, sepsis legs. She had to stay in hospital for a long time, while she was in a coma. When the sick out of there, she was tingling and burning in my left leg — as a consequence of damage to the nerve fibers. And nerve, which registers the sensory information, enters the spinal cord on the same level as the nerve, which registers the sensory information from the vagina.

Well, and, moreover, it is well known that the feet are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. And even a skilled massage may provoke an orgasm.

Source: limon.ee

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