Медики объяснили причины внезапной смерти во время секса

Due to the fact that at a certain age the vagina less elastic and are prone to excessive dryness, it is too «passionate» the introduction of the penis cracks.

Usually they are small and immediately heal, however, in the case of a 53-year-old lost crack reached eight centimetres in length. During sexual intercourse in the blood of women hit the air, as a result of developed embolism caused the cardiac arrest, says the journalist.

In principle, death, while making love is not uncommon. In most cases, says the head of the Department of forensic medicine, Medical University of Hannover Michael Клинчар, «for this cause problems with the cardiovascular system.»

«Sex is like a sport: both useful for health, and both increase blood circulation»,

– says the expert.

Often fatal during sex causes stroke, says the doctor. Fast heart rhythm, coupled with the high pressure overload and so corrupted and constricted blood vessels in the brain. Also due to the increased pressure in the brain, may burst vessel. As a rule, he bursts in the weakest place, there is bleeding, and after about a half hour of death comes, warns Клинчар.

All of the above, continues to physician concerns and heart. Palpitations and high blood pressure represent great danger for coronary vessels. They are clogged, detached plaques, and infarction. It is especially applicable to the publication, for people with heart rhythm disturbances and other similar diseases.

Also, there are cases when one of the lovers die as a result of pulmonary embolism Vienna. Hidden somewhere clot breaks off right during sex and clogs the lungs. It can be not only in atherosclerosis, but

after a long flight or a long illness with limited mobility,

notes doctor.

Research conducted by the Center for forensic medicine in Frankfurt, said that only 60 out of 30 thousand dead whose bodies were Stripping, died during intercourse. They were mostly older men who have sex with a new partner, a mistress, not a wife, emphasizes the journalist.

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