Пес модельера Марка Джейкобса стал fashion-блогером

A fluffy pet fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld – kitties Шупетт have their own Twitter account. Dog fashion designer Marc Jacobs Neville went even further, beginning the “work” over the online project.

Jacobs on only calls Нэвилла “son” and made it active user Dropbox, but has given it a special section in the online project Love.

By the way, while “son” discussing with главредом Love Katie Grand, what other personal pictures to decorate your page on the website, Marc Jacobs is working on another project: this time – line of decorative cosmetics.

The collection will include 122 of the product, it will be divided into four categories. Smart Complexion – base for make-up, concealers and powder. Blacquer – cosmetics for eyes with intense black pigments, for example, eyeliner, and pencils. Hi-Per Color – lipstick, gloss lip, blush, eye shadow and lipsticks. Boy Tested and Approved Girl – products for natural make-up, including, lip balms and such rare but important things, like gel for fixing brows. Cosmetics Marc Jacobs Beauty will go on sale in August.

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