Дольче и Габбану посадили в тюрьму

The founders of the famous brand for several years under scrutiny by the tax and judicial authorities of Italy. According to the investigation, since 2004, when Luxembourg was created by two companies – Dolce&Gabbana Luxemburg sarl and Gado sarl, the leadership of the famous fashion house was engaged in a massive distortion and falsification of financial statements, tax documents, resulting in

the Italian Treasury was недоплачено approximately one billion euros.

According to the investigation, Dolce and Gabbana through its subsidiary Gado brought from Italy around one billion euros. The Prosecutor of Milan-Gaetano Ruta demanded to sentence each of the designers to a prison term of 2.5 years. «The whole scheme is brought to the obvious financial benefit to the accused,» – said the Prosecutor.

In addition, a lawyer acting for the interests of the Italian tax service demanded to pay compensation «for causing damage to the image of the state office of» ten million euros. Earlier the court of appeals obliged designers pay a fine of $ 343 million euros.

Meanwhile Dolce and Gabbana

always denied that they had attempted to evade payment of taxes.

First prosecution in their address was discontinued, however, then the court of appeal ruled to re-open the case against the designers.

Previously, in April 2011, Milan judge Simone Луэрти dismissed charges of well-known designers, as recognized them as «unfounded». However, in November the court of cassation of Italy quashed that decision and returned the case for retrial when it was discovered by a foreign company, which owned all trademarks and brands are the fashion house. As a result of the payment of taxes was abroad, and in a very limited size.

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