Dream Team: клатч, шляпка, часы и еще 7 самых важных летних аксессуаров

Create a finished stylish way without accessories impossible. Accessories can radically change the outfit for the better or, on the contrary, his spoil. You are wrong if underestimate the role of accessories and avoid them, limited only by the bag and umbrella. They can help to diversify your style, and you rarely will feel that you have nothing to wear. But’re wrong and those who do not comply with the measure in accessories, using the principle «the more, the better». Coco Chanel said: «Choosing accessories, remove that put the last.»


Bag is the most important female accessory and find it a worthy replacement is extremely difficult. But you can «play» with different models of bags and each force to become your main helper in life. Have on hand a few bags of different colors and sizes is not a luxury but a necessity. Each of them will be for you to play its role, depending on the season, the dress and the place in which you are going.

Rebecca Minkoff Rebecca Minkoff Chloé Chloé


Be at the garden party dress and with a huge bag – a sign of bad taste. Specially for such cases there are small bags, clutches without additional pens. Than more solemn your outfit, the smaller and more invisibly should be clutch to him. 

Givenchy Givenchy Akira Akira

Leather belt 

Many girls can boast of a large number of the most various belts and belts, but have even two belt in black and white or beige color is enough. Belt to trousers are now less frequent, using the belt as accessory over a dress, shirt or sweater. The belt is indispensable in order to «make the waist» for too volumetric dress and give it a more feminine look.

Jil Sander Jil Sander Alaia Alaia


Summer without sunglasses impossible to imagine. In a variety of models of points, which are updated every year, so easy to lose one’s head. But the most successful model would be one that suits your type of person. On it will spend the money so that it will serve you longer than just one summer season.

Linda Farrow Linda Farrow Michael Kors Michael Kors


We wear hats, not only to protect himself from the sun, but to give the image of a romantic mood. Unfortunately, in our latitudes, a bright sun allotted such a short season, so do not save on the headgear in the summer.

J.Crew J.Crew Topshop Topshop


The habit of watching the time and constantly be on the alert in the rhythm of modern life becomes second nature. Watch as one of the most useful accessories reflect your style and your life rhythm.

Lenox Lenox Marc by Marc Jacobs Marc by Marc Jacobs

Silk shawl 

In the summer of silk handkerchief you can find a lot of variants for applications. Not only can you tying it around your neck variety of ways, but and wear it as a scarf or a rim on the head. Model of precious silk with bright patterns decorate your summer days.

Vera Bradley Vera Bradley Diane von Furstenberg Diane von Furstenberg


Do not assume umbrella only means of salvation from the rain, because it may still be stylish accessory. The most attractive model of umbrellas most often comes in the form of a cane. Umbrellas, walking sticks not as convenient as portable folding umbrellas and convenience sometimes have to sacrifice for the sake of style.

Longchamp Longchamp Cath Kidston Cath Kidston


Some believe that the purse necessarily expensive. In this statement there is a grain of truth, because the model designer purses not change radically from year to year and purchased expensive and high-quality purse exactly will last you a few years in a row.

Guess Guess Tod's TOD’s

Case for gadget 

These accessories have become part of our lives recently, and is now hard to imagine how we lived without them. Pouches, bags and covers for phones and tablets help not only decorate your favorite gadget and give it a unique look, but also help to protect it from scratches and traces of use.

Lanvin Lanvin Christian Louboutin Christian Louboutin

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