Экономный режим: физиологический мицеллярный раствор La Roche-Posay - теперь в большем флаконе!

And here’s the new volume bottle physiological micellar solution Physiological Micellar Solution!

By the end of the working week La Roche-Posay has prepared great news – now physiological micellar solution Physiological Micellar Solution containing thermal water is released in great economical package. As much as 400 ml of joy in a bottle!

To micellar water resort girl with very sensitive skin. Due to a special way of reception, this water has a unique ability to remove makeup quickly and very delicately. Of the key indicators of a solution from La Roche-Posay – absence of preservatives and dyes, physiological pH. An important caveat – the water is not promote the formation of black spots. 

Use a solution of just – enough to put some of the liquid on a cotton swab and remove make-up with the skin of the face, eyes and lips. Tool does not require rinsing.

By the way, when you double increase in the volume of packaging physiological micellar solution, its price increased slightly. Before 200 ml can be bought for a bit more than 700 rubles, and today – 400 ml for 900 years.

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