Эликсир Multi-Tasker от SpaRitual: база и верхнее покрытие в одном флаконе

Elixir Multi-Tasker from SpaRitual

Specialists SpaRitual assure us that for the perfect manicure is not enough to have a unique shade of a varnish and acquire many tools not worth it. The problem can be solved novelty – a unique elixir Multi-Tasker.

Multi-Tasker performs two functions – it can be used as a basis, and as a top coat. It saves our tools and, of course, time creating a manicure. Brilliant shell perfectly protects from sun rays, yellowing and makes you forget about sections to the corners of the nail.

An estimated value of 1 370 RUB

Эликсир Multi-Tasker от SpaRitual Elixir Multi-Tasker from SpaRitual

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