Эротические сны предсказывают будущее

Erotic dreams not only good for your health, but can predict the future. This is the conclusion reached in the result of the experiment tireless and funny British scientists.

The experiment involved more than sixty people aged from 17 to 42 years. Experts asked them every day to describe what they dreamed and to tell what is going on in their personal lives.

It turned out that jealousy and long disputes in a dream translated into reality in a day. And dreams where they saw the betrayal of the partner, usually followed by emotional alienation.

When study participants saw their loved one in an erotic dream, in the next few days, relations were close and especially warm. However, only in case, if seen the dream was satisfied after sex. In the case of “bad” erotic sleep in the relations between the partners tensions arose.

Source: sex-news.ru

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