Экс-президент Гунтис Улманис признался, что у него есть внебрачная дочь

Ex-President Guntis Ulmanis confirmed correspondents of the magazine Kas jauns, that he has a seven-year-old illegitimate daughter.

The magazine became interested in this topic a week ago, when the lady, who was present at the prom, in one of Riga kindergartens, saw ibid ex-President, together with the young lady. Later, during the photo shoot, one of the girls called Guntis Ulmanis dad. Correspondents Kas jauns? asked for comments to Mr. Ulmanis, but then there were none.

However, later the ex-President still admitted in the fatherhood. “Graduation daughter in kindergarten was one of the happiest moments in my life. <…> And on that day, I did not care what people think. The most important thing was to be with child <…>”. In answer to the question, why the Ulmanis denied the existence of illegitimate daughter, ex-President, sigh, and said: “This is life… comment on This question I don’t want to. Today I live with what we have, what happened…”


Mother illegitimate daughter Ulmanis Диния Laura.


Guntis Ulmanis with his wife Айной.

According to Kas jauns, the mother of an illegitimate daughter of a 73-year-old former President is a 29-year-old mistress of the shop Upes pērles Диния Laura.

Recall that Guntis Ulmanis and his official wife ain Улмане last year we celebrated the 50th anniversary of wedding.

According to the magazine Kas jauns

Photo: Maris Морканс/MixNews.lv, kasjauns.lv

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