Модное женское белье 2013: главные трендыThe first rule of a confident woman – beautiful linen, wherever she went in the shop or at a fancy party. Properly fitted bra can do miracles with the external and internal world, each of us, it’s so nice to feel beautiful and desirable. WANT invites you to discover trends 2013 and choose for themselves modnoe for all occasions.

Chantal Thomass

Modnoe 2013
Classic model

Marks Spencer, 490 UAH
These sets of linen not differ original form and details. They are suitable for everyday wear, well support a breast and do not hinder movements. Choose neutral shades – black, white, beige or with colorful prints that match all and serve as a safety net in times when you don’t know what to wear.


Calvin Klein, UAH 343
The most fashionable model 2013. Bustier – combination bra and corset. This model works well under a business suit, and incredibly sexy, making it ideal for a tryst.


Stella McCartney, 2324 UAH
The combination is designed to dress better sat and stressed the advantages of the shape. But in our days, such будуарные gizmos are used as a means of seduction, and are components of an ideal image for a romantic Breakfast in bed.


Chantal Thomass
Romantic lace is the most reliable friend of self-esteem. Lace add us confidence, languor and sexy. Trend 2013 – bright and seductive model.

Sexy sets

Victoria’s Secret
Garters, stockings, ruffles and bows – linen with such elements should be in every woman’s wardrobe. Spend a decent amount of money on luxurious kit and be sure that he will not again be applied during the conquest of men’s hearts.

Sports models

Adidas by Stella McCartney, 300 UAH
Stylish sports model is ideal for exercising – Jogging and fitness. In addition, holders good shape can wear such a bodice on a picnic or a walk, because tops short – one of the trends of the summer of 2013.

Tips on choosing underwear:
– Each year, review its reserves underwear: a quality set is from two to five years, and wash bras necessary after two socks.
– If you find a great ingrained linen, buy several models in several colors. All different shapes and find your perfect kit is not so simple.
– When choosing underwear and bra, select several models panties suitable colour – then you will be easier to pick up kit.
– Buying lingerie, pick up it to their clothes, and not Vice versa. Often women are only a few models, and the rest is dead weight.

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