Особенности секса под водой: это надо знать

The doctor and sexologist Ana Rosa Jurado notices that sex in the water does not bear any of the specific risk. But not to common misconceptions.

Some mistakenly think that water can neither pregnant nor become infected with sexually transmitted diseases. «All of these views, наложившись the fact that in water the more difficult to use the condom can create a relaxing mood and increase the probability of the dangerous relationship», – explained Jurado.

Sexologist warns that water helps release the natural lubrication of the vagina. But there is a solution –

use lubricant on water basis.

Regarding condoms, in the water, they can break. Better wear a condom in advance, before the «water procedures».

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Jurado advises to protect themselves during sex in the water the same way as on land. Additional risk dirty or stuffy water, which irritate the skin. Simultaneously Jurado notes that

water environment conducive to experimentation.

«Sexual relations of a skin forget: we usually focus on the genitals. Meanwhile erotic sensations in the water can be quite new and very attractive to many,» says sexologist.

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