Узнай, кто ты: идеальная жена или любовница?Узнай, кто ты: идеальная жена или любовница?
A woman – a beautiful creature that is able to create such envelope through which it is difficult to break her of this entity. But there are two expressed extreme respect for your partner, which are difficult to hide behind any sort of mask.
In a relationship, a woman can be either mother or child. To say that each type has its advantages – to say nothing. Everything is so deep that, sometimes, to get to the origins of whether particular conduct is almost impossible, but to determine what type is your attitude is not difficult.
A woman-mother can be a powerful and caring, loyal and pliable, but she would never allow your partner to play the first role. Besides, the woman-mother:
– selects the man without a clearly defined leadership, because she has them some extent;
– prefers peers or men younger than himself;
– says little about their faults, but a lot of error partner;
– rarely gets along with her mother in law;
– pays less attention to their appearance;
– engaged in self-education;
– leads the family budget;
– considers itself the main in the selection of methods of education of children;
does not love the noisy companies;
– loves to praise, if done the way she wanted;
– forgive the transgressions of a loved one, but always ready to recall their company;
– sincerely believes himself the only person who can control the desires and actions of all members of the family, up to strict planning regulations of the day even adults of the family.
Woman-child ready to take care of itself does not skimp on the caress. In its map desires few attributes of a life, but a lot of pictures with travel and beautiful but impractical, if not useless things. She also:
– selects partners in man older or simply experienced themselves, and the advantage is always a social partner status;
– spends a lot of time outside the home;
– loves to learn and do something new;
– hates rules, but under the influence of authority of a partner ready to obey them;
– not able to rationally use the family budget, so it is rarely trust;
– likes to look after themselves.
Women-mothers become good wives and women kids ideal mistresses as quickly trained and ready to obey. In relation to their own children both categories can become good mothers, but they raise their children differently.
For women-the mother of the main achievements of children, the result of its efforts, and for the woman-child action what exactly does the child, and what kind of feelings he does it.
Surprisingly, in the different countries has been dominated by a certain type of behavior. For example, in Brazil, despite its apparent holiday atmosphere, there is a strict family hierarchy, and women are more likely to behave according to the first type. But in Mediterranean European countries, children often are in the nature of a woman-child: for parents, friends and helpers rather than mentors.
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