Фитнес в офисе: лучшие упражненияФитнес в офисе: лучшие упражнения
To keep fit, you can always and everywhere, it would wish. Even the work that takes too much of our time, not a hindrance, if you are serious about sports. How do sports without leaving the office, tell you WANT.
The rapid pace of our life is accelerated by the day. We have not time to do much, postpone important things. Time to myself less and less, the body loses its shape and tone. Ceasing to watch ourselves, we miss an opportunity always look presentable and earn the respect of others. Spending in the office in an average of 8 hours we are in a sitting position for almost all of this time. Add to that the curvature of posture and spine due to the fact that we are sitting at their computers bent or having not the most useful for the organism poses. Constant voltage experience our shoulders, neck, arms, legs, eyes and other organs.
Support a healthy spirit in a healthy body without leaving the office. I WANT to chose the most effective exercises that you can perform on the job.
Exercise 1
Appreciate his woman, because it helps to make the waist. To do this, your chair should be easy to rotate around its axis. Sitting in front of your table, grasp the middle to you the edge countertops, bend your legs, squeezing them together and just lift them above the floor. Start to turn the lower part of the body to the left, then to the right. It is important to ensure that the shoulders and head were stationary. Repeat 40 times. In addition, this exercise forms a beautiful and a thin waist, it strengthens the muscles of the lumbar, helps you exercise, but still very funny your colleagues. Good mood is ensured.
Exercise 2
Adjusts the hands, especially the triceps. Sitting in the workplace, just move away from the table, well lean hands on the arms of the chair and just lift your pelvis. Bending your elbows, start squeezed from the chair. Do 3 sets of 15.

Exercise 3
Nice press – dream of each woman. Its sometimes hard to pump up even in the hall, since this group of muscles requires serious effort. But the exercise press in the office is considered to be one of the most famous, popular and effective, and most importantly – it is very simple. Sit in a chair or on a chair, pushing his hands into the seat. Bend your knees at a right angle on the floor and begin to pull up the legs to the stomach. Do 20 times. It is desirable to repeat the exercise several times a day, the effect will not wait.
Exercise 4
This exercise also will appeal to all women, because it helps to adjust the lines and contours of the hips. Sitting on a chair, well put the hands on the seat. Palms place at mid-thigh. Start to plant knees, maximum straining the feet and the hands thus performs a function of resistance. Divorced his knees hold 5-7 minutes, then pinch your feet back. Repeat 20 times. This exercise works with the outer side of the thigh. To strengthen internal, place your hands, clenched fists, knees mid-thigh. A little spread your arms to the side, avoiding contact, keep your knees. Repeat 20 times. But also it yet all. To mash the front of the thigh, alternately straighten the left and right leg, so that’s legs are parallel to the floor.
Exercise 5
This exercise will help to make good caviar. But women’s feet is an object of attention of men, especially in the summer. Exercise is very simple. Lift the right leg, sending a sock, then abruptly pull myself. Repeat this exercise with the left leg. Then perform a circular motion to the right and left 20 times with right and left foot.

As you can see for yourself – all the movements are very simple and perform their workplace will not be difficult. Importantly – your determination, desire, a systematic approach and enthusiasm. Attach to your office fitness colleagues, this will help unite the team, to vary the monotony of everyday office and always be alert and in good spirits.

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