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Legs big gets because of the pace of modern life! Yet they a minimum of 10 hours a day spend in not the most comfortable shoes. What is worse, in that which is not “just tight”, and can cause real health problems.

You should take care of your feet! But do not rush to schedule a pedicure and professional treatments. You can easily handle yourself!

Безупречный педикюр: 8 советов

We have collected the most useful tips that you just need in home care for feet and nails.

1. Heading back to dry!

Безупречный педикюр: 8 советов

The most important thing you should know: the feet should always be dry. Because the moisture attracts fungus!

Here are the Golden rules:

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2. Do not be lazy to care for the skin

Apply the cream to the entire foot, but avoid area between toes. Otherwise you risk to get fungus.

For best results, stock up on socks for pedicure. You can sleep, and Wake up the heels like a baby!

3. Be careful with the scissors!

Безупречный педикюр: 8 советов

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4. Pamper yourself with a massage

This is the best remedy from old age! Massage improves blood circulation and has a positive effect on the entire body.

You may want to splurge for a special massage. And can buy a tennis ball: roll it back and forth, from heel to fingertips.

5. Do not run ingrown nails

Безупречный педикюр: 8 советов

< id="">If the procedure doesn’t help or you notice the infection, you must contact the clinic!

6. Learn how to use a pumice stone

Don’t even touch the pumice stone while your feet are in the water! This is a big mistake.

When the foot is wet, it is more difficult to detect those areas that need attention. Moreover, the water expands the cracks, they are getting infections at the highest level!

So the pumice stone and nail file only on dry skin!

7. Pamper yourself with baths

Безупречный педикюр: 8 советов

Once a week dip the feet in warm water for 15-20 minutes. This will make them perfect!

Add these ingredients to improve the result. You can still brew herbs include your favorite oil or simple table salt.

After the bath, wipe your feet dry and remove dead and dry skin.

8. Turn oils and varnish

Don’t forget the oil – it has deeper penetration than the balms. Moreover, it does not leave behind stickiness. Look for EMU oil, which has good moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Now apply your favorite nail Polish!

Bonus: how to overcome the unpleasant smell

Summer can turn stops into chemical weapons! And some sweating does not disappear even in winter. Here are surefire ways to prevent the smell.

1. Do not buy expensive sprays and powders. Instead, use corn starch. It absorbs moisture.

2. Do the bath with warm salt water. Repeat every day for two weeks.

3. Make bath with vinegar water. It dries and “starves” the bacteria that cause odor.published econet.ru

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind – together we change the world! © econet

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