Цветочная вода Melvita – теперь в пластиковых флаконах

Favorite floral water in glass bottles Melvita now goes to the lungs plastic bottles that you can carry.

…Floral water produced by distillation of the flowers and petals. In the collection there are 13 means operating with sensitive, bold, normal and mixed skin types. There are products that have a calming effect and struggling with the redness and a number of other difficulties regularly facing our skin.

For example, rose water rose Damascus has astringent properties. It regulates the production of sebum and prevents wrinkles and fine lines. Cornflower softens and soothes the skin, suitable for the area around the eyes. Lavender angustifolia cleans and tones up the skin – usually used as a cleansing lotion. Chamomile and Hamamelis save the skin around the eyes from drying out.

All vials are made in one style and one dark-blue color spectrum. There are versions with откручивающейся lid, with a dispenser and a mini-version. By the way, the plastic used for them, recyclable.

Цветочная вода «Лаванда» от Melvita Floral water «Lavender» from Melvita Цветочная вода «Гамамелис» от Melvita Floral water «Hamamelis» from Melvita

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