Сорокалетний девственник: так когда же Они становятся мужчинами?..

British sociologists asked the question, when are we finally and irrevocably adults.

It turned out that the average age of adulthood women is 32 years – it is directly linked with its inclination to have children, she wants to take care of. In men, the figures are very different only in 43 years they understand that childhood is gone. Female respondents answered some additional issues in which sociologists have found that 80% of women believe that men are always the «big kids».

Among the indicators of this immaturity were attributed passion for junk food and video games, obstinate nature, participation in the sweepstakes, infinite retelling of the same jokes and stories, as well as the inability for self-help.

And you agree with all rules?

Он все еще верит в пиратов? He still believes in pirates?

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