Выяснилось, какие вечеринки склоняют мужчин к изменам

One of the Western Dating portals conducted a survey among men looking after what parties respectable fathers unfaithful to their wives.

If you think that in the first place “stag” or club parties, it greatly mistaken. 45% of respondents admitted that to change them into corporate events. In second place were gatherings of friends that men came without my second half, — 20% of respondents, accompanying his new friend after such parties were with her in bed.

Third place was taken by parties “hobbits” — party people, United by common interests: whether it be tennis or gathering of collectors. And only on the fourth place were a club events.

Psychologists explain the “side effect” of corporate parties: colleagues men are perceived as female friends, and have sex with them are seen as less punishable. The second important point — with colleagues men are already familiar, and the chance of rejection on the basis of the information available is less than during the meeting with the girl from the club.

Source: sex-news.lv

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