Игры по-взрослому: топ-10 самых популярных секс-игрушек

What a bizarre forms did not take vibrators and вибростимуляторы throughout its long and turbulent history! Immediately an episode of «Sex in the big city, where Charlotte seriously fond of «communication» with vibrator-rabbit, who understood her better than any man. We collected for you 10 sex toys that are best-sellers in the intimate shops and will help to diversify your many (insert time) in the evening.

Two in one is always nice, so massager VANITY BY JOPEN VR2 4760-14 choose practical ladies. To use it you can both ends (for example, one morning, evening another, or even and odd days, pre-passing the schedule of work shifts). But seriously, «gadget» is thick and thin ends of a diameter of 2.5 and 3.5 cm, respectively, and each of them provided with their own powerful motor. By the way, the silicone surface massager completely waterproof, so it can use them in the soul. And what is his form and color!

The miniature stimulator Hustler CAT AND MOUSE H25112-10002 supplied remote control, but not simple, but in the form of a computer mouse. With such a toy is certainly possible to work overtime or take work home. Wheel mouse function adjusts the force of vibration, so we recommend to refrain from sharp gestures when scrolling through web pages in the browser. And yet such наборчика have a small side effect: after the creative experiments you ambiguously will look at the standard mouse on your computer.

The eternal question «is thicker and longer or thinner and shorter» leave to select cucumber salad, and with sex toys this issue is resolved. For example, vibrator Hustler INKY KINKY H25115-10005 a special plastic nozzle that increases the diameter of the stimulator from 2.2 to 2.7 see At the end of the device (that outside, of course) has a sleek button to control the intensity of the vibration. And, by the way, plum color is very popular in this season, keep in mind!

Fan of club parties and discos to choose stimulator Hustler DISCO STICK H25115-11002, which very much resembles a disco ball, and looks promising. Hardly this device will let the «rabbits» where it is destined to work, but it will become a Central element of the party for two in the style of 70-X. do Not forget to include the compilation of hits ABBA and wearing a silver dress and platform sandals.

Vibrators as rabbits – yesterday, is now in Vogue other characters. For example, the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland. Waterproof silicone вибростимулятор Doc Johnson THE KINKY KAT 0995-09-BX make smile even wider than the hero кэрролловской tales, though, because he had as many as 10 different functions in stock. By the way, such a toy is not a sin and to give – is very beautiful in her packing!

G-stimulator California Exotic Novelties SE-0080-20-3 on the radio prefer lovers of modern technologies and clever gadgets (and if such an unusual device gives a man, he is clearly in childhood in vain dreamed of a machine on the radio). Tip toys specially curved in such a way to stimulate the G-spot, and which of the 7 modes choose will decide that, in whose hands will be remote.

Gold always in trend, even if we are talking about intimate toys. However, vibrator California Exotic Novelties JACK RABBIT SE-0611-20-3 attracts not only with a Golden glow, and an additional клиторальным stimulator in the form of a rabbit, Golden balls with 6 speeds of rotation and the whole family vibration functions. Such a small computer in shiny package is glamorous and difficult.

Triple vibrator California Exotic Novelties TWIN TEASER SE-0662-30-3 choose the ladies who tried many things and are not afraid of experiments (and are not scared by the clitoral stimulator, in the form of claws). This device as much as 8 levels of rotation and the same modes of vibration, and 3 built-programmed functions. At first glance, everything is very difficult, but consider how many interesting things can happen after the phrase: «Dear, something I can’t deal with her vibrator, help me!».

In the set of toys California Exotic Novelties LOVERS CRYSTAL SE-2054-00-2 there are a lot of pieces for a fun-filled evening – experiment can be a long and very successful. The most interesting thing is that all devices are transparent and their work can be observed, so to speak, in the section. The popularity of this set provides even and no obvious similarity of its content with sex toys – can not be afraid to accidentally leave something in a prominent place.

Best friends girls – diamonds. Usually they stimulate self-conceit, but sometimes G-spot – as, for example, in вибраторе California Exotic Novelties LOVE DIAMONDS SE-0695-03-3, «inlaid with» a small plastic бриллиантиком. All elements of this miracle of technology rotate, vibrating and pulsating 8 speeds and managed advanced embedded control.

We wish you a successful choice and positive experiments with toys!

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