Гейш-клуб: 10 самых необходимых средств японской косметики

Geisha-club: 10 of the most necessary tools Japanese cosmetics

Cosmetics from the Country of rising sun popular all over the world. Beauty victims not only in Japan but also in Europe, USA, Russia and the CIS with a breathy pronounce the names of favorite brands: Shiseido, Pola, Canmake, Cefine, La Sincere, Suhada, Adjupex, Kose, 727 cosmetics, Menard and other brands. If you look at Hollywood, attributed to the starry fans of Japanese funds beauty can be Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, Gwyneth Paltrow and many other singers of the «factory of dreams».

Why creams, shampoos, whey and other jars-tube-bottles marked made in Japan seem so welcome? In the first place – psychological factor, because we sometimes in advance greatly appreciate the quality of Japanese cosmetics. On the second – the uniqueness of natural components and the recipe based on the traditions of Oriental medicine. On the third – that is especially attractive for people sensitive to scents – dislike Japanese manufacturers to perfume отдушкам.

Need I fear that tool created by exotic components in a different climatic zone, not suitable residents of Russia? Specialists say that a self-respecting brand adapt the composition of its beauty of lines at the European market. However, consultation with a beautician or a trial patch test bought the cream will not be superfluous.

What tools from the Country of the rising sun already be considered as a must have? A dozen very desirable for each shelves in the bathroom and dressing table, waiting for you in our today’s beauty review.

Sponge for washing Konjac

Universal cosmetic accessory that can be used for removing make-up, and for a gentle massage and peeling of face, and for visual reduction of enlarged pores, and to combat the black dots. Is made of natural material – fiber луковичного Asian plants, may have impregnation or filling of useful substances. For example, спонжи bamboo charcoal good for oily porous skin, with lavender – sensitive, with green-tea – for normal.

Where to buy: eBay.com, Avito.ru

Спонж Konjac (500 руб.) Sponge Konjac (500 rubles)

Mesh for whipping soap suds FIBIO Magical Fiber

The purpose of this beauty-enhancement – do foam means for washing over the air, smooth, soft and reduce the consumption of the cleansing of cosmetics. Fishnet looks like a delicate bag with a brush inside, and a ring-holder. How to apply: to dispense product number with a pea on a grid, beat foam, then skip fishnet between the toes, pressing her foam in a handful. Received fluffy foam wash and rinse the face with water. Some very practical young ladies use this accessory and shower gel or liquid soap.

Where to buy: Melonpanda.com, Sasa.com

Сверху вниз: сеточка для взбивания из набора для умывания Murasaki Japan (600 руб.); сеточка FIBIO Magical Fiber (300 руб.) Top-down: mesh for whipping of a set for washing Murasaki Japan (600 rubles); mesh FIBIO Magical Fiber (300 rubles)  

Hydrating facial wash HADA LABO Gokujyun

Neutral washing agent, perfectly moisturizing face and neck due to the high content of hyaluronic acid. Has no restrictions on the age and skin types. Suitable even for women with sensitive skin. In the structure of the tool, there is no colorings, flavorings, alcohol, mineral oils, parabens.

Where to buy: Melonpanda.com, Yumilife.ru

Увлажняющая пенка для умывания с гиалуроновой кислотой HADA LABO Gokujyun (474 руб.) Hydrating facial wash with hyaluronic acid HADA LABO Gokujyun (474 rubles)

Acid peel OBAGI Triple Peel 10

Legend of the Runet, popular among buyers due to its delicate and effective action. Peel contains the optimal percent (10%) acids to exfoliate, and also a trio of lactic, glycolic acid and phytic acids, which help fight hyperpigmentation, have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Consistency means reminds cosmetic milk with a light citrus scent. Peeling can be applied daily after cleansing or courses few times a year. The tool provides effect, comparable with salon procedure: the skin becomes smooth, smooth and radiant.

The creators of the novelties remind: after the application of peeling it is desirable to apply a moisturizer, and before going out again and sunscreen, as the procedure increases the sensitivity of the skin to UV light.

Where to buy: Melonpanda.com, Avitals.ru, Sasa.com

Кислотный пилинг OBAGI Triple Peel 10 (2 138 руб.) Acid peel OBAGI Triple Peel 10 (2 138 rubles)

Makeup remover wipes KAO Biore Fukudake Cotton

These wipes are designed for removal of a make-up without washing. Help you out on the road, in the office or at home, if you are very tired and not willing to spend a lot of time for make-up removal. Impregnation napkins not cause the eyes and easily dissolves toners, shadow, pencils and неводостойкую ink. The skin is completely cleared without stickiness or tightness! For one session is enough make-up remover two napkins.

Where to buy: Melonpanda.com, 100sp.ru

Салфетки для снятия макияжа KAO Biore Fukudake Cotton (162 руб.) Makeup remover wipes KAO Biore Fukudake Cotton (162 roubles)

Massage cream Pola B.A The Massage Cream

Did you know that you can treat gentle massage cream not only my body but also face? This new product has a tonic effect, which simulates the face oval, destroy and burn fat cells, preventing age-related changes of appearance and the appearance of wrinkles, sagging, the second chin. Cream deeply cleanses pores, improves blood circulation, restores skin a healthy look and increases the efficiency of subsequent stages of facial care.

How to apply? A small amount of cream to put on a clean dry skin – it is dry, so as not to stretch it. The spread on the surface of the face, make a three-minute massage. Then wash off the cream tonic or warm water, apply moisturizing lotion.

Where to buy: Japseido.ru, Polacosmetics.ru

Массажный омолаживающий крем Pola B.A The Massage Cream (10 500 руб.) Massage cream Pola B.A The Massage Cream (10 500 rubles)

Facial mask natural white clay Shiseido NATURGO

The mask will help all those who dream of a porcelain face with a perfect skin without any imperfections. In the product – white Italian clay, particles of which help to fight with black spots, remove the melanin in the cornified layer of the skin, giving it a beautiful natural white and smooth. Mask enriches the skin with natural mineral components, active ingredients of herbal extracts, and tenderly care for your face. Many who have tried this product for facial note that acne significantly retreats, if this problem was previously. Delicate aroma of herbs, which has a mask delight all without exception.

Where to buy: Japseido.ru, Japlife.ru

Маска для лица с натуральной белой глиной Shiseido NATURGO (1 160 руб.) Facial mask natural white clay Shiseido NATURGO (1 160 rubles)

Hydrophilic oil makeup remover FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil

Cleansing product that fits even women with sensitive skin. Hydrophilic oil gently dissolves makeup, into the pores and cleaning them. When in contact with water tool turns into the emulsion and is easily washed off.

Product does not contain preservatives, fragrances, and after opening the bottle, it can be stored only for 3 months as a real live product.

Where to buy: Melonpanda.com, Sasa.com

Гидрофильное масло для снятия макияжа FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil (782 руб.) Hydrophilic oil makeup remover FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil (782 rubles)

Coal toothpaste Kobayashi Sumigaki

Smile wider – with a foaming black pasta your smile will look exotic, but after the end of the cleaning procedures will be sparkling whiteness.

Microparticles of charcoal remove contamination from the surface of the teeth and gently polished, with the taste of the paste does not coal, and mint-herbal. Pasta has общепрофилактическое action and excellent cares about lasting fresh breath.

Where to buy: You-shine.ru, Cokolniki.com

Угольная зубная паста Kobayashi Sumigaki (350 руб.) Coal toothpaste Kobayashi Sumigaki (350 roubles)

Thermal mask for the rest eye Megurizumu

Your eyes are tired of work? It’s time to try a disposable mask for the rest eye of soft cellulose, which is the slight friction palm allocates a nice dry heat. It is about 40 degrees, and the whole procedure lasts 10-15 minutes. You only need to wear a mask, take a comfortable body position, it is better to lay down, and enjoy useful for the beauty of the sight rest. The mask can be worn at night or during flight, and simply arrange a relaxing break after a busy day.

Where to buy: Japseido.ru, Melonpanda.com

Тепловая маска для отдыха глаз Megurizumu (590 руб.) Thermal mask for the rest eye Megurizumu (590 rubles)

And you are using cosmetics made in Japan? Share reviews and opinions and get rewarded week for the best reader’s comment – the winner will receive a luxurious summer beauty prize!

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