Жерар Депардье пристает к русским актрисам

French actor Gerard Depardieu in record time became the hero of the Russian society. Recently, for example, he even agreed to star in the series of the channel TNT, and with low budget. As it turned out, for this Depardieu had a point.

Recently, the creators of the series “Zaitsev+1” on the TNT channel proudly reported that the French star is involved in a sitcom, and not in a cameo role. Depardieu plays the father of the hero suffering from a split personality. As stated, for the first time a celebrity such a level agreed to the shooting of the show.

But now the girls are engaged in the sitcom, dissatisfied. According to them, the French actor behaves on the site too freely. Recently, it caught in the toilet during sex with one of the Actresses.

“In General Depardieu always filming always leads defiant. French girls do not allow undue liberties, unlike the Russians, the glory of the availability of which is already sold around the world – complained in an interview with Heat.ru series actress Alice Prado. – Pinch our Actresses for ass or Breasts for Gerard commonplace. But there are those who thwarts his attempts to dissolve hands on the vine. One of the girls, who became repel persistent embrace Frenchman Gerard brought her to tears, накричав on her.”

Recall now that Depardieu is officially not a married man. In 1996 he divorced aristocrat Elizabeth Гиньо, after she learned about the illegitimate child of Gerard. Officially the actor four children (two from the marriage with Гиньо), but in a number of interviews Depardieu claimed that a total of 20 children from 10 different women, just from some former lovers he bought off with money.

Source: kleo.ru

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