Подруга Чингачгука: что такое этнический стиль и как с ним обращаться?

Girlfriend Чингачгука: what is the ethnic style, and how to deal with him?

Under the ethnic style in fashion or design taken to understand the things that incorporate the cultural traits of a particular ethnicity or national group at the expense of playback cut, ornament, decoration or symbolism inherent to the traditions of this nation. Ethnic style could be called Russian style, but usually this definition hides unusual for Europeans culture: African, Indian, Latin, Indian, Egyptian.

Ethnic history, architecture 

Interest in ethnic style, as well as to the style of military appeared in the beginning of XX century coincided with the period, when the culture of Asian and African countries actively examined Europeans and gradually began to affect a variety of aspects of life – painting, music, cookery, interior design and service. Replaced passion for antiquity came genuine interest in the Eastern style. In 1910 in Paris Diaghilev showed Russian ballet «Scheherazade» and prompted the famous French couturier Paul Poiret the idea of creating a collection of women’s clothing in Oriental style, dictating fashion tunic, turbans and trousers made from Golden Atlas. In 1967, Yves Saint Laurent appealed to African motives and presented a collection of women’s dresses, decorated with seashells and glasses, headbands and wooden beads. Ethnic style and became one of the fundamental elements of style hippies.

Ethnic style today 

Today, the presence of the ethnic style in fashion can be explained as an attempt to draw people’s attention to small ethnic groups that exist for centuries and, despite the wide spread of Western culture, preserve their unique traditions and identity. One of the most popular ethnic styles are now the African and Indian styles. They are accessed by the most famous fashion houses, such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana and other.

Manish Arora, весна-лето 2013 Manish Arora, spring-summer 2013 Isabel Marant, весна-лето 2013 Isabel Marant, spring-summer 2013

MSGM, весна-лето 2013 MSGM, spring-summer 2013 Dolce & Gabbana, весна-лето 2013 Dolce & Gabbana spring summer 2013

Clothing brands of lower rank very often cite elements of ethnic identity in their collections. In the spring-summer season, you will always be able to find a jacket, shorts, dress, bag or shoes with distinctive geometric prints, in the manner of Indian drawings or with embroidery in the African tradition.

Just Female Just Female Mango Mango

Zara Zara Pull & Bear Pull & Bear

London Rebel London Rebel Warehouse Warehouse

Tibi Tibi Accessorize Accessorize

Practical tips on how to wear things in ethnic style 

1. If it’s about the clothes in the ethnic style, try to carefully choose a style for your body shape. Major figures in ethnic style pants and jeans, for example, are only slim girls. With a jacket or dress, things are easier, and therefore «put» your figure this thing will be easier.

2. Try not to overdo it and to put on too many things in ethnic style. Dress or skirt with an African theme is already enough attracts the attention of thing, so add boots fringed, and the bag with ethnic patterns.

3. In ethnic style will always be stylish look textural things: leather clothing, furs or leather, jewelry made of feathers, wood or other natural materials.

Street-style Street-style Street-style Street-style

Street-style Street-style Street-style Street-style

Блейк Лайвли Blake Lively Соланж Ноулз Solange Knowles

Карли Клосс Karlie Kloss Миша Бартон Mischa Barton

Диана Крюгер Diane Kruger Джессика Зор Jessica Zor

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