Givenchy представил сразу две коллекции макияжаBrand Givenchy will please all fans of the emergence of two makeup collections.

Cosmetics not much happens and there is no limit to perfection, thought the fashion house Givenchy, and presented at once two autumn collection. Ladies of all ages and generations will be happy. Collections were different, but each is unique in its own way. One more soft, furnished in light colours, the second – more intense, bright and passionate.
The collection Fall 2013 Soir D’exception Makeup Collection includes such products – reticulation shadow’ecrin de Soir Palette, two shades of lipstick Le Rouge, two varnish Le Vernis, ink Noir Couture shade Khaki d’exception, pencil Magic Kajal shade Brun d’exception. Hit and a real highlight of the collection was stylish reticulation shadow’ecrin de Soir Palette.
Despite the fact that the collections are dedicated to the autumn season, creators are not limited to typical for this time of year shades of brown, orange, beige, ivory, khaki and bronze. Collection of Givenchy decorated and revived purple, brick, coral and pink hues.

Both collections advertises Muse brand – model Мариякарла Босконо. The girl is trying different images dictated colors collections. Мариякарла-blonde in the advertising campaign makeup in muted pastel shades, and Мариякарла – brunette, passionate and sensual, advertising rich collection, the hues of which more dense and bright.

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