Богини или нет? Подглядываем за звездами на пляже

Beach for Hollywood celebrities is and shooting area, and a Paradise for couples and family vacation place, meditation alone and happy hen parties. Judging by fresh reports of the paparazzi, not all the stars in a bikini demonstrate a perfect figure, but did not hesitate to this. Set yourself on a vacation without complexes and experiences enjoy the summer! As for a holiday mood and fashion inspiration – beach look too is necessary to think! – visit our new summer photo gallery with celebrity divas in bathing suits. There is a five beach trends the summer of 2013, curves and round body or their absence.

First tendency: мальчиковость

Actress Olivia Wilde black neck, resting on the Hawaiian island of Maui, demonstrates well, very graceful form – so much so that even top swimsuit think it is great. Boyish thinness also attracted singers Rihanna and Jesse Jay. Second paparazzi «caught» in the frame during a holiday in Malta in June. Jesse standing on the balcony of your room, in a white bikini, showing an abundance of tattoos, the pumped up muscles and… almost complete absence of chest.

But Rihanna and zero-size absence of sexuality not in this connection to reproach. Color bikini nude creates a seductive effect of a naked body and opens the curious gazes tattoo under the breast in the form of the ancient Egyptian goddess ISIS. Barbados diva has made this tattoo in the autumn of 2012 in memory of his beloved grandmother.

«Boy girl»: miniature Olivia Wilde and Rihanna in a bikini

Trend second: пышнотелость

Play on the contrast? Rumer Willis and Tamara Ecclestone not itself, however, does not hesitate in candid beach attires be the target of the paparazzi in a sun lounger and… on the red carpet. The eldest daughter of demi Moore and Bruce Willis came with the beach ball – party Cosmopolitan magazine in Las Vegas, comfortable feeling in a black bikini, silvery mini skirt with a low-slung, dark transparent Cape and rough sandals on a flat course. And their not perfect press put on public display!

And the 28-year-old daughter of the owner of Formula-1» Tamara Ecclestone, lazy поджариваясь» the sun in Miami, and does not think about diets, plastic and gyms. And why, if in may of this year its forms are what you are, adorned the cover of the American Playboy?  

Weighty beauty: Rumer Willis and Tamara Ecclestone in bikini

Trend third: athletics

In a review of stars in bikini spring 2013 Hayden Панеттьери struck us with the figure as of рестлерши or swimmer. But sports fans in Hollywood lot. For example, British singer and actress Rita Ora at the end of June, resting in Malta, demonstrated a relief press and the pumped up the hands and hips. His champion form girl stressed beach sports a set of panties bikini and shortened the top.

In bikini with purple riding-neck, and sunglasses with a predatory print frame actress Jessica Alba conducts weekend on the «island of millionaires» Saint Barts. Judging by the way, what state of her body, Alba regularly visits not only yoga Studio, and a gym.

Actress Lea Michele and leisure time gives no rest. Instead of basking in the sun on a lounger with a Mojito, Lea satisfied with the jog along the beach. Than not спасательница Malibu in coral red bikini? Only make a small edit the script: the place of the action this time – Hawaii.

Sport life is not forbidden: Hayden Панеттьери and Jessica Alba in bikini

Trend fourth womanhood

To keep in shape, but not look at it as a champion in powerlifting, many celebrities. Admire the selenium Gomez in bikini with fashionable geometric prints and on ЛиЭнн Rimes in citrus-dairy swimsuit. The two singers have a rest in Sunny California, only if ЛиЭнн – holidays, Selenium only made a break in промотуре his new single Come and Get It in Miami.

There, in Miami, staged a beach picnic and Kate Hudson husband Matthew Бэллами and son Бингемом. And though the actress is often recognized as the dislike of fitness and diets for a long time suffered attacks for not come in shape after giving birth, now, you must admit, it looks great. Bravo, Kate, Bravo! By the way, you can look in another selling album of the family: in June Kate Hudson family was vacationing in Spain.

Tempting good! Selena Gomez, ЛиЭнн Rimes, Kate Hudson bikini

Trend fifth: the little imperfections

Stars are people too. They are familiar with and treacherous skin folds after a dramatic weight loss and cellulite and stretch marks after delivery, and age-related changes of the body… Resting on the Mexican resort of Tulum, demi Moore looks happy and quite happy with themselves. The proportions of the figure of 50-year-old diva – the envy of many young красоткам, however folds of skin on the abdomen and knees ruthlessly give love demi to plastic and strict Express diets.

But Milla Jovovich paparazzi caught in the presence of the «orange peel» on the hips. However, a beautiful woman in a white bikini, broad-brimmed hat and beach tunic, walking along the coast of the island of Maui, seems to be less of all thinks about how to defeat schedule cellulite.

Ashley Tisdale slightly gained weight, and her bikini this, of course, does not hide. The top and bottom of the leotard almost equally small actress, waist visible wrinkles. Hopefully, the new role or new novel will help the girl to return the former impeccable form.

The beauty of a La naturel: demi Moore, Milla Jovovich, and Lana Del Rey in bikini

Whose stellar form in a bikini, in your opinion, perfect, and someone not stand up to scrutiny? Are you satisfied with what form themselves meet next season? Evaluate, share opinions and share in the comments!

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