Google подключают весь мир к бесплатному Wi-FiRecently Google has launched a new pilot program for a Project Loon, the purpose of which is to ensure free access to the Internet through Wi-Fi in all corners of the world and at any time.

The idea is implemented in the form of a giant helium balloons will soar in 20 km from the earth and, thanks to a special powerful routers, providing high-speed Internet on signals from Wi-Fi.
The first region, which was lucky, according to the official data, was New Zealand. Google have launched more than 30 balls over the country, and over time, when they will move through the stratosphere, the inhabitants of the countries along the 40th parallel of South latitude will be able to connect to the network.
This project engineers invented a top secret laboratory Google X, already owns one of the notorious projects Google Glass. This auction unprecedented generosity company representatives explained that their goal was to solve global problems and creation of breakthrough technologies.

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