Внук Пугачевой отменил свадьбу

The grandson of Alla Pugacheva Nikita Presnyakov postponed the wedding with his girlfriend, model of Kazakhstan Aida Potassium, for an indefinite period.

In October last year, as he wrote MixNews.lv, 22-year-old Presnyakov made an offer of marriage to his beloved, which previously occurred for three years. The girl replied согласием.Никита and his 21-year-old bride began to prepare for the upcoming wedding, which was scheduled for this September. But in the end such a serious step did not dare.


Nikita Presnyakov with the bride.

The formal reason for the cancellation of a celebration called the employment Presnyakov”youngest” in the TV show “Two stars”, well, that there really is not yet clear.

Recall that the Aida and Nikita Presnyakov met at the new York school of cinematography, where both came to study. The identity of the girl immediately after it was published together with Nikita, aroused the attention of the press. It turned out, Aida’s mother – education teacher – now work in urban networks Alma-ATA, and her father is official. The girl studied in one of the universities of the capital of Kazakhstan, journalist and parallel working as a model.

It is interesting that his first acquaintance with Aida Alla Pugacheva made the prediction that she would bear the child of a daughter. “I will soon be great granddaughter! – I’m sure she said. – I will be прабабкой!”

How did Diva at the abolition of the wedding is still unknown.

Photo: ITAR-TASS/Scanpix, vk.com

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