Волосатые колготки - лучшая защита от маньяков?

According to the version of the Huffington Post, unusual knitted product was created to deter maniacs and hot and Horny men, drawing attention to the owners of shapely legs.

Image of hairy, rather, leggings, placed on one of the Chinese sites, accompanied by such signature: «All young ladies should go out only in such суперсексуальных summer hairy stockings».


And although

not known, there is such a product is in fact or is it just a joke,

news about tights with dense vegetation rapidly spread among American Internet users.

Photo: a screenshot of the video

«Girls, tired of men, burning eyes your feet after shaving or waxing? Here is a possible solution to the problem came from China!» in his blog advertises «fluffy» product is one of the dressers.

However, among the commentators facilities dispensing humorous replica, there were some who took all products hairy seriously.

«There is no doubt that the invention will scare Swingers, adoring your feet. But ladies

it should be noted that these stockings «help» avoid attractive men,

who could be interested in them,» warns participant of the discussion.

But in India, where every 14 hours lead to forced intercourse and, increasingly, are held mass protests with a demand to protect women from the tyranny of officials seriously tried to find a way out.

We remind that a few months ago his solution was offered three Indian students: Маниша Mohan, Ниладри Bass and Римпи Tripathi. Future engineers have created a bra, capable to protect women from violence. The fact is that the underwear beats electric shock and sends the message about the attack to the police.

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