Вот чучундры! 7 вопиющих преступлений против красоты

Here чучундры! 7 egregious crimes against shop

The expression «Beauty will save the world» a lot of women think literally and turn their lives in an eternal battle with nature, and then, as soldiers in the American movies about the war, in the heat of battle earn their burns, damaged hair, twisted nails and look tired from the hard life of a woman. All it seems at the first stage: well, if it’s just one погреюсь in the Solarium and everything, a little, a poison lips do and that’s enough… that’s how the light and are born of the victim of the struggle for beauty – пережаренные tiptoe, with lips duckling, with sharp fingernails and artificial hair. From epidemic «улучшайзинга», symbols of becoming the tips of her toes, not protected, no girl in a critical situation. So you suddenly do not succumb to the temptation here in 7 of beauty procedures, which normal woman in her right mind will never accept.

Tan like Valentino

Lesson is that tanning is bad, everything seems somehow learned, but instead of enjoying their aristocratic pallor, rushed obmazyvat’sya are creams for sunburn in order to get closer to the colors of Sicilian oranges. “Then let’s crust and orange with the hips, not clean!

In the ranks of the «citrus» ladies unripe instances visible even at a distance: they usually orange hands, caviar and face, but white neck and heels.

Деграде, но не на волосах, а на коже лица от Валентино Гаравани Degrade, but not on the hair and skin of the person from Valentino Garavani Весь Голливуд называет Пэрис Хилтон курицей. Мы гадаем: за ум или за загар? Hollywood calls Paris Hilton chicken. We wonder: for the mind, or for a tan?

Hair extensions

You say Yes to all of Hollywood celebrities do, and what I worse? First, the fact that you are not each of us can pay for the hair extension procedure several thousands of dollars and then have to carry around a personal assistant to hairs tested and was humbled. Secondly, your friends, close and distant, immediately notice how you are overgrown, and decide that you have had problems with either hair or personal life.

Если космами да послать сигнал в космос… If mane Yes to send a signal in space…

Feathers on the eyes

If the girls were able to build the eyelashes in length and in the tone of his own, then this trick, perhaps, would be invisible even to friends завистниц. But no: why convert the money into thin hairs, when you can build a whole feathers in the eyes, and with rhinestones? Bonus to нарощенным lashes usually goes indifferent glance in the style of I-tired-of-life, which is formed by itself due to the laws of gravity.

Николь Шерзингер хлопнула ресницами и случайно взлетела... Nicole Scherzinger slammed the eyelashes and accidentally flew up… Закон жизни: часто к многоклеточным ресницам прилагается одноклеточный мозг... The law of life: often to multicellular the eyelashes are attached single-celled brain…


I remember that in the near 2007 Victoria Beckham demonstrated to everyone how should look the Breasts of the perfect wife player: like two little children football ball. However, two years later with the overly expressive D she «came down» to the more modest B. So if you’re thinking about silicon breast note that the peak of fashion on it you have already missed. Today reasonable girl either working on their pectoral muscles in the gym while drinking your juice of celery or love their Breasts for what it is, and allow themselves not to wear a bra in the summer.

Виктория Бекхэм знает, чем зацепить настоящего футболиста! Victoria Beckham knows how to hook this football player! У кого-то еще есть вопросы, почему Хайди Монтаг стала звездой реалити-шоу The Hills? Someone still have questions, why Heidi Montag is was the star of the reality TV show The Hills?

Sponge-bow, a large bow

Stupid girls are injected himself in sponges couple of syringes unknown (but such harmless-harmless) liquid, buy a dress with a plunging neckline (if it is not deep enough – see point «Breast-balls») and go into the Elevator to take pictures in the mirror its natural beauty up close and do лифтолук. Smart girls if they have the thin lips focus on the eyes and intellect, and in the Elevator back to the mirror in the phone except that the check e-mail.

Вау, девчонки, зеркало аж выпучилось от такой красы! Wow, girls, mirror as much выпучилось from such a beauty!

False nails

Only girls with a complete lack of taste can voluntarily decide to turn their neat little nails in the claws of the predator. Very ingenious fairer sex is even decorate their paintings, sequins, crystals and stones. Your manicurist, of course, will rejoice at the opportunity to splash out on your fingers creativity, but the normal man, seeing THIS, rather scared.

Когти Росомахи - прошли кастинг для съемок то ли в комиксе, то ли в боевике Wolverine claws – were casting for filming whether in the comic, whether in an action movie


Everyone understands how lazy morning to put all this makeup step by step, comb your hair, brush your teeth, tugging on his tights, and then another hour as a juggler, to balance on the heels of a crowded subway car. Well, OK, let’s be patient and do without permanent combat color on the face. Still drawn neat eyebrow pencil can be used to adjust or correct, and with tattoo eyebrows will have to live and suffer. And imagine the surprise of the men, when you Wake up in the morning to him in bed with angelic innocent face, just no clothes and no makeup… but with the eyebrows, as Brezhnev in better years!

Мудрость во взоре Анастасии Волочковой идеально подчеркивают ее брови Wisdom in the sight of Anastasia Volochkova perfectly emphasize her eyebrows Энджи привыкла к возгласам «брово!», ой, простите, мы, конечно же, хотели сказать «браво!»... Angie used to the cries of «брово!», Oh, sorry, we, of course, wanted to say «Bravo!»… А вы думали, легко Леди Гаге поддерживать звание Королевы монстров? And you thought easily Lady Hague maintain the title of Queen of monsters? Теперь мы знаем, что такое «бровки домиком». Мы в такой «домик» ни ногой! Now we know what the «edge of the house. We are in the «house» of Berlin.

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